Papers and Correspondence of the Gurney family of Runcton Inventory list

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WMH 3/2/A7 Memoir of Lady Harriet Gurney (1803-1837) by her husband Daniel Gurney of North Runcton [copy, mid-19th century] File [1837]
WMH 3/2/B Memoir of Harriet Alicia Gurney (1823-1843), who married William Cowper [later baron Mount-Temple] on 27 June 1843, by her father Daniel Gurney [mid-19th century copy] File [1843]
WMH 3/2/D2/14 Bundle of miscellaneous correspondence written at close of exhibition File 1890
WMH 3/2/A1-4 Letters from Lady Harriet Gurney (1803-1837), daughter of the 15th earl of Erroll, died in childbirth in 1837 File 1833-1837
WMH 3/2/A5/1-3 3 letters from William Hay Gurney (1827-1898), Sussex Square, to his father Daniel Gurney File 1835-1836
WMH 3/2/C2 Memoir by Revd William Hay Gurney (instituted at North Runcton, 1861) of his life at North Runcton with details of the parish, and journal of events there, and within his family. File 1861-1888
WMH 3/2/D Sir Somerville Arthur Gurney (1835-1917), youngest son of Daniel Gurney Series 1885-1890
WMH 3/2/D2/1-13 Correspondence with owners and committee members in original alphabetical bundles: A (1), B (2), C (3), D (4), E (5), F (6), G (not found), H (7), I-K (8), L (9), M (10), N-Q (11), R-S (12), T-W (13) File 1890
WMH 3/2/C1/1-3 Letter to William Hay Gurney (1827-1898), son of Daniel Gurney, from his sister L.J. [Louisa Jane] Gurney, and 2 letters from William to his sisters about his engagement to Anna Boileau. File [1852]
WMH 3/2/D2 Letters and papers of Somerville Gurney, as member and Hon. Sec. of Committee organising the Sporting and Art Exhibition at the Athenaeum, King's Lynn Sub-series 1890
WMH 3/2/D2/17 Parcels book File 1890
WMH 3/2/D2/18 Sporting and Art Exhibition, King's Lynn: 3 printed catalogues File 1890
WMH 3/2/A6 Copies of letters on the death of Lady Harriet Gurney, part of a journal by [Richenda Cunningham], which includes copy letter from Lady Hooker on the death of Susan Jones, part of a journal in French describing journey to England from Nice, religious reflections, newscuttings, etc. File 1837
WMH 3/2/A8 Memoir of Lady Harriet Gurney (1803-1837) by her husband Daniel Gurney of North Runcton File [1837]
WMH 3/2/D1 'S.A. Gurney, his Journal Abroad, Aug. 11th to 29th 1885' File 1885
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