Papers and Correspondence of the Cresswell family of King's Lynn Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
WMH 3/1/A Francis Cresswell (1789-1861), naval officer and banker of King's Lynn, mayor, 1845 Series 1819-1861
WMH 3/1/A1 Certificate of admission of Captain Francis Cresswell junior as Younger Brother of Trinity House File 4 Nov 1819
WMH 3/1/A2/1-2 Alliance British & Foreign Life & Fire Insurance Company, certificates of renewal of policy on life of Francis Cresswell for £4,000, share certificate, 1844, policy on household goods at King Staithe Square, Lynn, 1845; share certificates, etc., of same company, 1824-61, with brochures, etc. File 1824-1861
WMH 3/1/A5-6 Francis Cresswell, personal and household account books (ledger and day book) File 1847-1860
WMH 3/1/A7/1-15 'Testimonials Capt Gurney Cresswell' File 1847-1856
WMH 3/1/B1/5 Elizabeth Fry to Hannah Buxton, Trueman's Brewery, Buck Lane File [Jan 1810]
WMH 3/1/B1/8 Elizabeth Fry, before breakfast, to Rachel Cresswell File [? 1822]
WMH 3/1/B1/11 Elizabeth Fry, Hunstanton, to Rachel Cresswell, Dartmouth Row, Blackheath File 14 Aug 1822
WMH 3/1/B1/14 Elizabeth Fry, Plashet, to Rachel Cresswell, Dartmouth Row, Blackheath File 16 Nov 1822
WMH 3/1/B1/17 Elizabeth Fry to Rachel Cresswell File 26 Mar 1825
WMH 3/1/B1/20 Elizabeth Fry, Dagenham, to Rachel Cresswell, 59 King's Road, Brighton File 1 Sep 1825
WMH 3/1/B1/23 Elizabeth Fry, Truro, to her 'husband, children, brothers and sisters' File 22 Oct 1825
WMH 3/1/B1/24 Elizabeth Fry, Launceston, to Joseph Fry, Mildred's Court, London File 25 Oct 1825
WMH 3/1/B1/27 Elizabeth Fry, Plashet, to Rachel Cresswell, Lynn File 30 Jan 1826
WMH 3/1/B1/28 Elizabeth Fry, Plashet, to Rachel Cresswell, Bank, Lynn File 3 Jun 1826
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