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KIM 14/5/3 Letter from Humphry Repton re proposed alteration to the house and grounds at Witton, with sketch File 1802
KIM 14/5/15 Personal letters from Raikes Currie to his uncle Lord Wodehouse File 1829-1874
KIM 14/5/18 Correspondence re disputes with Norfolk Railway Company File 1849
KIM 14/5/21 Letters, mainly to his mother from Henry Wodehouse while in the Hague, Paris, Copenhagen and Venice File 1857-1873
KIM 14/5/23 Business letters from J.P. Martineau to Earl of Kimberley File 1873-1874
KIM 14/5/26 Miscellaneous correspondence File 1860-1869
KIM 14/5/29 Letters re appeal for restoration of Ridlington church, for which Lord Kimberley gave £10 File 1883
KIM 14/5/33 Personal correspondence to Lord Kimberley File 1893-1900
KIM 14/5/36 Letter to Kimberley from William Foulger re bankruptcy of Revd Feyer of Coston File 1895
KIM 14/5/39 Business correspondence File 1899-1901
KIM 14/5/42 Condolences on death of Earl of Kimberley File 1902
KIM 14/5/44 Letters and telegrams of condolence on Kimberley's death File 1895
KIM 14/5/4 Letters from J.J. Gurdon at Sheerness describing the mutiny of the fleet there File 27 May-15 Jun 1797
KIM 14/5/7 Empty envelopes once containing letters to the Gurdon and Wodehouse families File 1828-1839
KIM 14/5/10 Letters from Ann Wodehouse to John Wodehouse and to Mrs Gurdon, written while Ann is in Gibraltar and Malta File 1841-1842
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