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Items relating to the death of Samuel Jarrold

Paper marked 'Papers account of Samuel Jarrold's death 1874', possibly by his widow Elizabeth Louisa. This was found with an obituary from the Daily Press and one probably from a temperance magazine. A third obituary is marked 'Natal paper account of papa's death'. Samuel and Elizabeth's daughter Emily Jarrold Staunton was resident in Natal, South Africa, after her marriage. There is also a mourning card for Samuel and an account of his funeral from the Norwich Mercury.

Obituaries of Samuel Jarrold, with Sir Samuel Bignold obituary

Obituaries of Samuel Jarrold in the Norfolk News, No. 1570, 23 Jan 1875, and in the Temperance Monthly Visitor February 1875, which he founded. Also, an obituary of Norwich Union head Sir Samuel Bignold, from the Eastern Daily Press 2 Jan 1875. There are also three photocopies of Samuel Jarrold's obituary.

Correspondence and related items of Thomas and Hannah Jarrold

Two copies of the obituary of Thomas Jarrold from the Norfolk News, notes about Thomas's involvement with the local press, a memorial booklet for Thomas and his second wife Hannah's daughter Edith, and personal correspondence to and from Thomas and Hannah. Among the correspondence is a bundle of letters from Hannah to her sister Mrs Arnold, mainly on the subject of deaths in the family. There are also some letters between family members regarding a dispute about entitlements to the family business.

Items relating to Elizabeth Louisa Jarrold's death and other family deaths

The contents of a file labelled 'Deaths in the family', probably collated by Peter Salt. This includes a typescript of an obituary for Elizabeth Louisa Jarrold written for the 'Temperance Monthly Visitor 'newsletter, annotated and probably written by her son William Jarrold; editions of the 'Temperance Monthly Visitor' June-September 1917, and copies of the booklet prepared for Elizabeth's funeral. There are also letters from Elizabeth to William; a set of blank Jarrolds' postcards of Hingham, where Elizabeth grew up, a sale notice from a newspaper for Elizabeth's residence, The Grove, and an unlabelled photograph of another house. In addition, the file contains letters to William Jarrold, some from his cousin Isobel Ferguson, with several relating to family deaths, handwritten notes by W.T.F. Jarrold, some notes in an unidentified hand, a letter to Elizabeth from her sister, and a funeral notice for George James Newbegin.