Norwich, Mile Cross Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
FC 79/396 Leaders and annual society meeting minutes File Jun 1939-Sep 1947
FC 79/367 Norwich, Mile Cross and Costessey: baptism certificate counterfoils File 1992-1996
FC 79/434 Minister's correspondence with the Secretary of St Mary's Baptist Church, Norwich re: future development of the Mile Cross area, churches and possible competition with Sunday School provision. File 1931-1933
FC 79/437 Stewardship Campaign pledge cards, arranged alphabetically by surname of member File 1966
FC 79/440 Stewardship Review papers File 1968
FC 79/443 Miscellaneous monochrome and colour photographic prints (some captioned and perhaps used for exhibition purposes) of the Mile Cross Church site and building, the manse, and of church activities and members File nd [1933]-1984
FC 79/444 Press-cuttings re church opening ceremonies and subsequent anniversaries and events File 1934-1993
FC 79/447 Booklet, 'The Opening of Mile Cross Methodist Church 1934' by Norma Virgoe File nd [late 20th century]
FC 79/438 Stewardship Review papers File 1967
FC 79/441 Stewardship Review pledge cards File 1968
FC 79/397 Leaders and annual society meeting minutes (including finance committee minutes, 1955-1956) File Dec 1947-Jun 1959
FC 79/368 Architect's plans and elevations of proposed additions, scale: 1in./8ft, 1966/7, coloured plans, elevations and sections of proposed additional of hall at rear of church, scale: 1in./8ft, 1951, and plans of proposed improvements (e.g. to kitchen and toilets) at church, scales: 1in./2, 4 and 16ft, 1972. File 1951-1972
FC 79/435 Leaders' meeting signed minutes File Sep 1959-May 1972
FC 79/445 Copy press-cuttings, plan extract and Stewardship Campaign literature [mounted for historical display purposes] File nd [1932], nd [1966]
FC 79/398 Choir annual meeting minutes and, at rear of volume, copies of secretary's annual reports to choir meetings, 1950-1962. File 1945-1967
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