Temporary ACC 2012/293 - Norwich City Council Planning Department: publications and files relating to planning in Norwich

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Norwich City Council Planning Department: publications and files relating to planning in Norwich


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(c 1249-)

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Established in c 1249 by the then Bishop of Norwich, Walter Suffield and originally known as the Hospital of the Blessed Mary and St Giles, and afterwards, simply as St Giles's Hospital, Norwich, in the parish of St Helen in Holmstrete, now Bishopgate in Norwich.
Formerly known as St Giles' Hospital, the Great Hospital in Norwich is still a functioning charitable, residential institution and its archives extend from the thirteenth century to the twentieth century. Prior to the Municipal Reform Act of 1835, the Mayor and Corporation acted as trustees for a large number of City charities. The most ancient was the Great Hospital (founded by Walter Suffield, Bishop of Norwich, in 1249), whose records are the largest and most complete of any of the City charities.
While most English hospitals were dissolved at the Reformation in the sixteenth century, the Great Hospital was one of very few which survived. On Henry VIII's death in 1547, it was surrendered to the new Protestant monarch, Edward VI. The Norwich city fathers, however, were sufficiently astute to recognize the important rôle which the Hospital might play in caring for the city's poor (who then posed a serious social problem). Edward VI succumbed to local pressure and returned the ownership of the Hospital and its possessions, land and property to the corporation, which then used it to prioritise and channel charitable work in the community. Thus, through its acquisition by the corporation, the Hospital continued to function and its records became part of the city archives.
By the terms of Edward VI's charter by letters patent in 1547, forty poor people were to be accommodated in the Hospital (then called 'God's House'), looked after by the keeper of the House and a team of four matrons or women keepers, but by the end of the century, the number had risen to 54. In 1633, owing to increased revenues, the numbers of inhabitants had increased to 86 though there were still only four women keepers. Seven years later, there were 95 inhabitants, looked after by five matrons. Of these inhabitants, the original 40 provided for by charter had been augmented by two paid for by legacies in Francis Rugg's will, two more by the will of Alderman Henry Fawcett and the remainder allowed by the mayor and aldermen because of the increase in revenues. Presumably finances were tight when in 1647, numbers were down to 71 and the team of matrons only four women, but by the early Commonwealth period, there were again 95 poor and five matrons. By 1685, a hundred poor folk were accommodated in the Hospital.
The Charity Commissioners finished their enquiry into the Norwich charities in 1833 and a copy of their printed report is to be found at N/TC 63/2. By a Chancery Order dated 18 March 1837, twenty-six Charity Trustees were appointed, with responsibility to manage the charities formerly in trust with the Corporation. The charities were divided into two lists: the Church List Charities (including the Great Hospital, the Free Grammar School, Archbishop Parker's Scholarships, the Preachers' Fund and various other smaller charities) and the General List Charities (including Doughty's Hospital, the Boys' Hospital, the Girls' Hospital, the Barnham Broom Estate and many other smaller charities).
A considerable number of charity records (many of them pre-1835) were deposited in the Record Office many years after the publication of Hudson and Tingey's Revised Catalogue of the Records of the City of Norwich in 1898. They interrelate with the records in the NCR collection and are listed at N/CCH and N/MC.
The medieval records of the Great Hospital were inscribed in the UNESCO UK Memory of the World Register in May 2011. The UK Memory of the World Register (established in 2010) helps to raise awareness of some of the UK’s exceptional, but lesser-known documentary riches by awarding them globally-recognised Memory of the World status.

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Box 1 Water and Sewerage Map, Development Plan, 1952-1955

Map of Norwich and large surrounding area showing Norwich Corporation water and sewerage undertakings, c 1946 (2.5 inches to 1 mile Ordnance Survey map, 1946, with information superimposed, including boundary between statutory areas of water undertakers, boundary between local planning authority, areas served by existing water mains and sewers, areas served by existing water mains but without sewers, location of water intake, water works, sewage disposal works and sewerage outfall).

City of Norwich Development Plan Comprehensive Development Area No.1, certified as true copy of map submitted to Minister of Housing and Local Government for approval on 27 Feb 1953, plan CDA/1, scale 25 inches to 1 mile. Other plans (SM.1/1, TM/1/3, TMP/1) inserted, 1952-1955.
Second amended copy of above (CDAP/1) with slightly different plans (CDAP/1/3, TM/1/3, TMP/1, TMP/1/3) inserted, 1953-1955.

Box 2 Development Plan, 1955-1995

City of Norwich Development Plan written statement with Development Map and (on reverse) survey of chief buildings of historic and architectural interest, Apr 1955.
City of Norwich Development Plan written statement (photocopy) with Town Map, Apr 1955 (2 copies).
Land Use Survey, 1960: 25 inches to 1 mile Ordnance Survey maps, coloured to show land use. Key to colouring not present. (1 large binder)
City of Norwich Development Plan Review, draft report of survey, [1964].
City and County Borough of Norwich Development Plan Amendment No. 196 (regarding construction of Inner Link Road for St Giles Gates to Barrack Street and construction of Magdalen Street flyover), 1965 (2 copies).
City of Norwich draft Urban Plan, Jul 1967.
Norwich Central Area Local Plan, May 1978, updated to Sep 1980.
Norwich Central Area Local Plan, May 1978, updated to Sep 1980 (similar but not identical to above).
Norwich Green Plan, 1985, updated Jan 1989.
City of Norwich Local Plan, adopted version, Dec 1995 (2 copies).

Box 3 Development Plan, 2002-2003

City of Norwich Replacement Local Plan, second deposit version, Sep 2002.
Norwich City Council replacement local plan urban capacity study, Sep 2002.
City of Norwich Replacement Local Plan, topic paper, shopping, Jan 2003.
City of Norwich Replacement Local Plan, topic paper, employment, Feb 2003.

Box 4 Development Plan, 2004

City of Norwich Replacement Local Plan Adopted Version, Nov 2004.

Box 5 Planning briefs/guidelines/guidance for developers

Newmarket Road Plus policies, Nov 1982.
Calvergate, May 1983.
King Street Area planning guidelines, Jun 1988 (2 copies).
ABC Wharf, off southern end of King Street, nd [c 1989].
Ben Burgess and Co., 43-53, 68-74 and 80-80a King Street, Feb 1989.
St Andrew's House, St Andrew's Street, and Environs, Oct 1989.
Norwich Airport, Nov 1992.
Riverside revised planning guidelines, 1994.
54 King Street and 32-38 Cattle Market Street, Jul 1994 (2 copies)
Quayside, Sep 1994 (2 copies).
Ivory House, All Saints Green, Nov 1994.
Egyptian Road planning guidelines, Sep 1995 (2 copies)..
Part of Jarrolds Site, Barrack Street guidance for developers, amended Mar 1996 (2 copies).
60 St Faith's Lane guidance for developers, amended Mar 1996.
Sites in Fishergate planning brief, amended Mar 1996.
St Crispin's Car Park guidance for developers, amended Mar 1996 (3 copies).
Nestle Factory Site, Jul 1996 (2 copies).
Former University Village Fifers Lane, Jan 1997.
King Street Area planning strategy, Mar 1997 (2 copies).
Lacey and Lincoln Bethel Street, amended Oct 1996.
Fiddlewood (Bussey Road), Oct 1997 (2 copies).
St Augustine's Former Bath Site, Aylsham Road, Oct 1997 (2 copies).
St Benedict's Street/Pottergate area plan, Oct 1998.
Former Bowthorpe School Site and adjoining lands, Nov 1998.
Former University Village Fifers Lane, amended Mar 1999.
Norfolk and Norwich Hospital site brief, draft for consultation, Sep 1999 (2 copies).
Norfolk and Norwich Hospital site brief, approved Dec 1999.
Redevelopment of land occupied by 'concrete block houses' east of Colman Road, Nov 2001.

Supplementary guidance

Backland and Infill development, amended Jan 1996.
Opening hours for hot food takeaway premises, amended Jan 1996.
Houses in multiple occupation, revised May 1996.
Green links and corridors, amended May 1997.
Trees and development, adopted Dec 1997.

Box 6 Arlington Project, King Street, Concert Hall

Revitalisation Appraisal report no. 2, Jul 1966.
Arlington Project, [1969].
Arlington Project 2, [1969].
Arlington Project approved scheme, [1970].
King Street Working Party Past Present and Future, presented to Council, May 1986.
Feasibility study: A concert hall for Norwich, Dec 1991.
Feasibility study: Towards a hall for Norfolk, Aug 1996.

Leisure strategy

A leisure strategy for Norwich, Mar/Apr 1993.
Leisure strategy fact file no. 1 (Norwich City Council leisure provision and financial analysis), Mar 1993.
Leisure strategy fact file no. 2 (leisure strategy public consultation), Mar 1993.

Box 7 Economic studies and shopping studies

Norwich a time of opportunity. The 1987 Norwich Area economic study by Peter M. Townroe (Economic Research Centre, University of East Anglia), 1988.
Norwich Area economic study. An investigation of past, present and future trends, Sep 1994.
Norwich's economic future. Economic strategy. First annual action plan, 1997-1998.
Norwich's economic future. Economic strategy. Second annual action plan, 1999-1999.
Norwich Area shopping study, Apr 1997.
Norwich Central Area shopping floorspace monitor, 1997-2001.

Box 8

Norwich Markets: report on re-organisation of Provision Market, 1967; 'A Thousand Years in the Life of Norwich Market', nd [1980s?]; official handbooks, c 1961, c 1967, c 1972, c 1979, c 1987 (1 folder).
The Elms, Unthank Road: photographs showing gardens with trees and St Church in background, Jul 1989 (1 envelope).
Plans showing proposed sites for new Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, at Colney and Hellesdon Hospital, c 1988 (2 plans).
Riverside: planning guidelines consultation draft, photographs and negatives, c 1994 (1 folder).
Chapelfield Shopping Mall: Nestle Factory Site planning brief, 1996, and reports, 1997-2001 (1 folder).

Box 9

Earlham Park Miscellaneous, 1966-2005 (1 file).
Earlham Hall/University of East Anglia, 1997-2004 (1 file).
Goad plans of Norwich City Centre business premises, 1967, revised 1982, 1986, 1994 and 1995 (4 plans).
Offices: reports, plans, 1986-1987 (1 folder).

Boxes 10-11 Bowthorpe

The Yare Valley at Bawburgh, Bowthorpe and Colney planning gudelines, May 1986.
Bowthorpe photographs (aerial views, village centre shops and church ruins, 1976-1991 (1 folder).
Bowthorpe photographic slides (aerial views, new road, gravel pits), 1980s-1990s (1 folder).
Bowthorpe - The Implementation of a Dream A Case Study in the Frustrations of Local Government by Margaret M. Camina, Centre of East Anglian Sudies, UEA, 1980 (2 copies), with map.
Bowthorpe Draft Master Plan. Sep 1973, revisions loosely inserted dated May 1976 and Oct 1977 (A3 booklet).
Bowthorpe Master Plan, Feb 1974, 2 copies (A3 booklet).
Bowthorpe Master Plan, Feb 1974, revised Jan 1976 (A3 booklet).
Bowthorpe Master Plan, Feb 1974, revised May 1976 with revised plan, Nov 1988 (A3 booklet).
Original typescript and photographs of Bowthorpe Residential Design Guide by Peter Cooper, Director of Planning and Transportation, Norwich City Council, c 1974. Includes photographs of buildings in Bowthorpe, Bawburgh, Colney, Costessey, Norwich and elsewhere and of crops growing in a field at Clover Hill. (1 folder)
Bowthorpe Industrial and Business Park, 1981 (A3 booklet).
Bowthorpe Industrial and Business Park Landscape and Environmental Assessment by Derek Lovejoy and Partners, 1982 (A3 booklet).
Bowthorpe: breakdown of housetypes in Bowthorpe by village, list of housing completions, list of housing land grouped by tenure type and by village, 1993-1994; acetates and paper copies of maps from Master Plan and of effect of B1108 on road on development of land, 1994-1995 (1 A3 binder).
Norfolk Archaeological Unit Report on an Archaeological Evaluation at Dodderman Way, Bowthorpe, by John W. Percival, Sep 1999.

Box 12 Castle Mall

Castle Mall; reports, plans, 3 floppy discs, 1986-1994 (1 folder).
Improved Castle Mall Proposals and Timberhill by Estates and General Investments PLC, c 1990 (2 copies).
Castle Mall Interiors, a report produced in response to Planning (Inner Area) Sub-Committee notes dated 7 Nov 1991 in respect of durable components of the Mall's character and appearance, and part of Planning Application/Building Control Plan no. 4910592D, 20 Jan 1992 (1 A3 spiral-bound volume).

Box 13 Aerial Photographs, Conservation Areas, 1883 Ordnance Survey Maps

County Hall, Martineau Lane, roundabout, railway, light industrial units, Trowse Church, River Yare, meadows, 13 Apr 1987.
Netherwood Green, Bowling Green and tennis courts on County Hall site, Martineau Lane, railway, light industrial units, River Yare, meadows, 13 Apr 1987.
Bowthorpe Road, school, City Cemetery, Earlham Road, roundabout, Outer Ring Road, 13 Apr 1987.
Barn Road, Heigham Street, River Wensum, roundabout, former City Station site, Oak Street, 13 Apr 1987.
Sweetbriar Industrial Estate, Sweetbriar Road, Hellesdon Hall Road, agricultural land, Drayton Road and Sloughbottom Park, 13 Apr 1987.
Sweetbriar Industrial Estate, Sweetbriar Road, agricultural land, Drayton Road, Asda, 13 Apr 1987.
Aerial photograph of Norwich Airport, Airport Hotel (under construction), Aylsham Road, Fifers Lane, Hellesdon Parish Council allotments, Fifers Lane Industrial Estate, May 1989.

Conservation Areas, Listed Buildings and Buildings of Local Interest by Brian Smith, City Planning Officer, Norwich City Council, Aug 1993 (A3 size binder of maps).

Norwich within the Walls 1883 Survey: a reprint at a reduced scale of 1:1250 of 24 sheets from the first 1:500 Ordnance Survey published 1884-5 (photocopy).

Box 14 Norwich City Council and Broads Authority
Norwich Joint River Issues Group minutes and correspondence, Mar 2000-Jun 2003, Jun 2005-Dec 2009 (2 lever-arch files).

Box 15 Planning briefs/guidelines/guidance for developers
Some duplicates of items in Box 5.

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