Norfolk County Council, Guardians' Committee No. 10; 1929-1948

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Norfolk County Council, Guardians' Committee No. 10; 1929-1948

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The Local Government Act, 1929 (19 & 20 Geo. 5, c. 17) abolished the Board of Guardians and placed the powers and duties and assets and liabilities of the unions with the counties and county boroughs. In Norfolk thirteen Guardians Committees were formed and in Norwich and Great Yarmouth, Public Assistance Committees were formed.
The Guardians Committees took over the responsibilities and institutions of the Boards of Guardians and in some cases records belonging to the Guardians Committees have found their way to this office with the Guardians' records and they have been listed with them (see C/GP in separate folders). The National Assistance Act 1948 (11 & 12 Geo. 6, c. 29) provided that 'the existing poor law shall cease to have effect and shall be replaced by the provisions of part II of the Act' (i.e. the establishment of the National Assistance Board). The Act also required Local Authorities to provide residential accommodation for persons who 'by reason of age, infirmity or any other circumstances are in need of care and attention ...' and '... temporary accommodation for persons who are in urgent need thereof...'.
The functions of the Guardians and Public Assistance Committees were therefore divided between central and local government. Thus the former workhouse of the Blofield Union (later No.3 Guardians Committee) became Homelea, a Children's Home administered by Norfolk County Council whilst the former Wicklewood Workhouse (Forehoe Union) became a hospital administered by a Hospital Management Committee. Post-1948 records of these institutions, if deposited here, may therefore be amongst County Council or Public records.
Responsible for the area covered by Mitford and Launditch Rural District Council and East Dereham Urban District Council. The committee met at East Dereham or Gressenhall.


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