Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society: Frere Manuscripts (Topographical Section) Inventory list

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NAS 1/1/20/57 Letter from Robert Dale, College of Arms, to John Hare seeking closer acquaintance with Dean Prideaux of Norwich and on College of Arms business including death of Bishop Wren and expenditure of £902 on building work File 1725
NAS 1/1/20/60 Hearth tax assessment (Michaelmas 1664) File 1664
NAS 1/1/20/68 Copy of Court Roll of the manor of Great Hockham admitting Roger and Frances Mason to half an acre with a tenement newly built near Newport Street of which John Canne had surrendered the reversion many years previously to said Frances his daughter and Roger after the death of her mother Dorothy File 1638
NAS 1/1/20/72 Hearth tax assessment (Michaelmas 1664) File 1664
Kilverstone Sub-series nd [mid-late 16th century]-1661
NAS 1/1/20/76 Rental of lands in Brettenham mentioning the manor of Lyrlyng halle, Rushford, Shadwell, and Rushford in Suffolk File 15th century
NAS 1/1/20/79 Valuation of estates above £6 per annum ' given in att the musteringe of the foote company of Captaine Bassingbourne Gaudy Esq. att Eccles Heath' File 1603
The Three Rocklands Sub-series 16th century-17th century
NAS 1/1/20/85-86 Poor accounts, Rockland St Andrew [1630]-1631, [1640]-1641 File [1630]-1641
NAS 1/1/20/89-90 Rockland All Saints hearth tax assesssment (Michaelmas 1664) File 1664
NAS 1/1/20/93 Note of the death of Mr Poley, rector of Rockland St Peter (Zachary Pooley, rector 1694-1703), by drowning in a ditch, ' 'tis said he had taken too much drinke' File 1703
NAS 1/1/20/96 List of poor to whom Mr Hare's money was distributed File 17th century
NAS 1/1/20/100 Letter from Robert Seppens, Hingham, to John Hare, Snetterton, offering to sell 4a. of land bought only 'to keepe off a troublesome fellow' and urging the appointment of his son to the benefice of Snetterton if the honest and worthy Mr Oatland refuse it File 1669
NAS 1/1/20/107 Letter from Nicholas Neech, Snetterton, to Hare thanking him for gift of Heylin's 'Cosmography' File 1708
NAS 1/1/20/127 Summary of bailiff's account of the manor of Kilverstone 1549/50 with notes from accounts 1540/1-1546/7; copy letters patent granting reversion of said manor to Thomas Cornewallyis, 1550; copy receipts acknowledged by Sir John Cornewallyis for the records of the manor of Kilverstone late the Prior of Coxford's and of an unnamed manor in Kilverstone probably that of St Mary's Priory, Thetford, 1529-1530 File 1529-1550
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