Neville Family of Sloley Inventory list

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Neville of Sloley (Additional) Sub-fonds 1886-1981
NEV 14, 767X7 Correspondence with David Hutchinson, Archivist, Historian and Curator of the Western Australian Museum File 1975-1981
Barton Turf Series 1760
Brumstead, Catfield, Ingham, Stalham, Sutton Series 1618-1822
Coltishall, Sco Ruston, Scottow, Sloley, Tunstead (also Ashmanaugh) Series 1712-1852
NEV 1/36, 586X9 Deeds re cottage, 0.5 rood, parcel 60 yds. by 17 yds. of waste of manor of Sloley with members to William Porter on death of his uncle John Porter, 1776; to Leonard Horner, 1784; to John Stoneham, 1805; to William Scott, 1810; to John Woodrow, 1811; to William Woodrow, 1818; to Robert Mendal, 1820; copyhold lands conveyed by executors of Mendal, freehold by William Woodrow (property given as double cottage, 2 pightles 1 acre 3 roods 22p.) to Benjamin Cubitt, 1830. File 1776-1830
NEV 1/37, 586X9 Exchange of land 3 acres 3 perches, Sloley, William Creasy to John Meck, 2 acres 1 rood 24 perches, John Mack to William Creasy. File 1787
NEV 1/39, 586X9 Lease (unexecuted) re messuage and lands in Scottow, Sloley, Tunstead, 255 acres 2 roods, messuage in Sloley 80 acres Mrs Mary Mack, Revd William Gunn to Thomas Mack. File 1791
NEV 1/43, 587X2 Deeds re 6 acres of Alehouse Close, 6.5 acres of Reymers Eleven Acres, 2 pieces each 1 acre Scottow and Sloley John Berney Petre to Charles Savory, 1805. Messuage in Sloley, 89 acres 35 perches, Scottow, Sloley, Thomas Allday Kerrison to Henry Vale, 1809; mortgaged to Maria Betts, 1809. Passed to Thomas Cubitt and Revd John Neville White, 1831. File 1805-1831
NEV 1/54, 587X4 Attested copies of deeds re estates of Earl of Orford including lands in Brumstead, Sloley, Stalham, Tunstead. File 1724-1802
NEV 1/59, 587X1 (1) Mary Ann Cubitt of Neatishead. (2) Richard Buck of Skeyton. File 1858
NEV 1/62, 587X1 Request of Richard Buck of Skeyton and Benjamin Buck of Trunch for John Pump, the agent of John Kitton, to pay off the mortgage on Richard Buck's estate. File 1864
NEV 1/65, 587X4 Copies of Court Roll of the manors of Neatishead with Irstead, Irstead and Smallburgh. Absolute surrenders of William Buck and admissions of James Hubbard. File 1870
NEV 1/68, 587X4 Copies of Court Roll of the manors of Neatishead with Irstead, Irstead and Smallburgh. Surrender of James Hubbard to Sarah Maria Chambers. File 1885
NEV 1/72, 587X5 Feoffment. (1) Thomas Flegg. (2) John Swayn of Sloley File 1537
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