Miscellaneous deeds to copyhold land Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
AYL 868 Hevingham, copyhold deeds File 18th century
AYL 355 Beighton cum membris, bundle of papers re property held of the manor, draft abstracts, admissions etc., 18th century, and extract from will of 1810 File 18th century-1810
AYL 304/10 Admission of William Hall of Salhouse, land in manor of West Reetham File 1720
AYL 333 Copy Admissions manor of Meyton Hall in Frettenham File 1762-1825
AYL 452/5 Papers re copyhold property of Edmund Davy in manor of Skeyton Hall in Thwaite File 1810-1819
AYL 604 Admission of John Warnes, manor of Brampton with the members File 1813
AYL 565/27 Papers about purchase of copyhold property at Runton by Thomas Pegg File 1833-1840
AYL 600 Eight apparently unrelated copies of court roll of the manor of Buxton with the members, with solicitor's correspondence and an abstract of title File 1833-1866
AYL 388 Manor of Stafford Barningham, admission File 1845
AYL 337 Surrender etc., manor of Hevingham with Marsham File 1860
AYL 395 Draft surrender, Pratt to Ulph, property in Marsham, with papers File 1864
AYL 1146 Deeds relating to surrender of property in manor of Downham File 1865
AYL 65 Copyholds, South Walsham Rectory File 16th century-17th century
AYL 235/1 Admissions and surrenders, mainly in the manors of Banningham and Tuttington with Crackford File 17th century
AYL 36 Bunwell copyhold File 1613-1614
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