Miscellaneous deeds and papers relating to King's Lynn, Feltwell, Gaywood, Wramplingham, etc. Inventory list

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BL/O/A/1 Bond of John Clark of King's Lynn, apothecary and druggist, to John Hemington the younger for securing £200 and interest as collateral security. File 19 Jun 1786
BL/O/A/2 Allotment of pew in the south gallery of church of St Margaret, King's Lynn, to William Beckaton File 12 Feb 1794
BL/O/A/10 Report of agents for taxes on the petition of Augustine Briggs File 9 Aug 1701
BL/O/A/3 Allotment of pew in chapel of St Nicholas, King's Lynn, in the rebuilt cross gallery, to Harvey Goodwin File 26 Sep 1806
BL/O/A/4 Undertaking of John Palmer for production to James Plowright of deeds relating to ground in King's Lynn near St James workhouse File 13 Jul 1824
BL/O/A/11/1 Deed of sale by Thomas Burdeson of Feltwell, husbandman, to John Swanton of messuage called the Rentell and other tenements in Feltwell; witnesses: Richard Barker, John Baxter, Adam Parker File 20 Sep 1597
BL/O/A/11/2 Lease by Leonard Hutton and Thomas Whale, chapelwardens of St Nicholas, King's Lynn, to James Nicholson of King's Lynn, innholder: 4 acres pasture in Gaywood by Great Saltere Way File 1 Apr 1708
BL/O/A/11/3 Bond of Robert Cowell of King's Lynn, butcher, to Joseph Smith, skinner, for payment of £25, with receipts for same to 1737 File 24 Dec 1730
BL/O/A/11/4 Acknowledgement of homage in right of his castelry by Anthony Devereux, seigneur d'Amilliz, for himself and his niece Demoiselle Jehanne de Chailly File 25 Apr 1480
BL/O/A/13 Release, William Leverington of Boston, merchant, to William Few of King's Lynn: messuage in Mercer row, King's Lynn File 12 Feb 1648
BL/O/A/14 Admission of Thomas Hall, minor, to tenements held of manor of Sowthall in Feltwell File 18 Dec 1627
BL/O/A/5 Petition of Augustine Briggs, late receiver general for the city of Norwich and county of Norfolk asking to be released from Norwich gaol as he has already paid £2,000 to the exchequer and offering his estates as security for the rest of the £6,000 owing for the poll tax, with statement of the case. File 7 Aug 1702
BL/O/A/6 Acknowledgement of John Penniton of King's Lynn, mariner, of receipt of sum due to him under will of his father, Thomas Penniton File 3 Apr 1690
BL/O/A/7 Acknowledgement of Frances Penniton of King's Lynn, spinster, of receipt of sum due to her under will of her father, Thomas Penniton, late of South Lynn, mariner File 8 Feb 1694
BL/O/A/8 Copy of will of John Smyth, late of Southgate, carpenter File 27 Dec 1781
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