Mintlyn, Norfolk



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Mintlyn, Norfolk

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Mintlyn, Norfolk

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Mintlyn, Norfolk

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Mintlyn, Norfolk

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Deeds relating to manor of Gaywood, the advowson and a considerable estate in Gaywood and Mintlyn owned by the Thorisby family, mortgaged to Sir Edward Carteret and George Tremaine, 1676, to Rainald Graham, 1679, Henry Frederick Thynne, 1685, etc., and sold to Sir Cyrill Wyche in 1697

Including conveyances by Robert Gayton, burgess of Lynn, 1489, John Pepys of Cottenham, Cambs, and his brother Robert, 1579, conveyance of the Swan at Gaywood for peppercorn rent, 1634, marriage settlements of Richard Thorisby and Jane Astley, 163...

Gaywood Manor; 1189-1925; Gaywood, Norfolk

Bargain and sale and covenant to levy a fine, Henry Cuthbert and wife Mary to Philip Case: donative, perpetual curacy or impropriate tithes etc. of Mintlyn, part of estate of Revd Robert Wetherell [his father-in-law]

with final concords and proven will of Revd Robert Wetherell of Seamer, Suffolk, 4 Apr 1731.

Philip Case; 1712-1792; alderman, attorney, controller of customs; King's Lynn and Great Fransham, Norfolk

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