Mills of Hilborough Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
HIL 1/6, 869X8 Grant in pure alms by Osbert de Kaylly to Hervey de Brokedis chaplain and his successors File nd [mid-late 13th century]
HIL 1/18, 20, 869X9; HIL 1/19, 21, 869X8 Conveyance by Sir Henry Rich, captain of the king's guard, to Robert, Earl of Warwick and Sir Nicholas Rich of the manor of Hilborough, Hilborough warren with two lodges or warrenhouses and stock of conies, and water mills called Hilborough mill and Earnes or Earls mill in Little Buckenham, the advowson of Hilborough, the capital messuage or manor of Little Buckenham, heath on north side of river there, the advowson of Little Buckenham, and swan mark or walk of swans File 1619
HIL 1/37, 869X8 Release by Simon Cannon gent. to Sir John Hare of seven years yet to come of lease of 1618 from the Earl of Warwick of the site of the manor of Hilborough with demesne land, sheepcourse and warren with two lodges, and assignment of sublease to William and Robert Cockman of the warren and certain arable lands, 1628. File 1618, 1628
HIL 1/39-41, 869X9 Settlement of the Hilborough Estate on Sir Ralph Hare (Hugh Hare also a party), with Final Concord and Exemplification of Recovery File 1666-1667
HIL 1/44-45, 869X9 Conveyance by Thomas Hare esq. to Vincent Oakley gent. of the manor and advowson of Hilborough, with Exemplification of Recovery File 1708
HIL 1/58, 870X1 Feoffement by feoffees as in HIL 1/57 of same property to John Snellyng, Richard Methewold esq., Richard Reselee, William Wellys clerk, Peter Fen, Giles Wellys and William Snellyng File 16 Jul 1480
HIL 1/72, 870X1 Grant by Thomas Noursse to Anthony Durrant of all his property in Hilborough, had from Edward Durrant father of Anthony File 1599
HIL 1/73-75, 870X1 Three messuages with crofts and foldcourse called Gilmans, 28a. arable land, 3½a. meadow and other lands including in Barowe Field, formerly of John Creake, sold by William Cockerell to John Cheston gent. File 1611
HIL 1/76, 870X1 Property (undescribed) in Hilborough and Gooderstone quitclaimed by Cockrell to Cheston File 1618
HIL 1/95-96, 870X1 Messuage with croft called Sledes sold by Richard Claydon to George Ives, 1629, and covenant bond re sale by Claydon to William Cooper of two pieces of meadow, 1629 File 1629
HIL 1/117-118, 870X1 Cottage and one acre land and pasture quitclaimed by Albin and Elizabeth Stubbes to Henry Bull gent. and agreement for final concord on same property and a tenement wasted and five pieces of arable land in Hilborough and an estate in Blo Norton and South Lopham File 1698-1699
HIL 1/121/1-16, 870X2 Copyhold property called Lyons and Bucks, cottage, Sharpins Close, Pippins and Prim Close field File 1693-1799
HIL 1/129, 870X3 Assignment by Francis Johnson to Sir Andrew Fountaine of mortgage on John Pyke's property File 1731
HIL 1/130/1-20, 870X4 Three pieces of land sold in 1752 by James Nelthorpe to Francis Chandler and by Chandler's legatees to Henry Berney Caldwell in 1832 File 1752-1832
HIL 1/133, 134, 870X4 Exchange between Ralph Caldwell and Francis Chandler whereby Caldwell conveyed part of close called Church Hills or Sand Pits and Chandler part of the Mill Pin File 1774
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