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Historical background and explanatory notes to photograph album

Compiled by Tom Eaton and relating to the photograph album of Eaton Hall gardens which was presented to his father, Frederic Eaton on his 77th birthday in 1949. The notes include a history of the property as well as recollections and memories about the garden by Tom Eaton, his brother Andrew Eaton, and sister, Margaret Hare. Also includes detailed captions of each photograph contained in the album, 1998; a plan of the kitchen garden at Eaton Hall, not to scale, copy undated [1998]; and a photocopy of 'The Glory Of The Garden', from 'Rudyard Kipling's Verse Definitive Edition', copy undated [1998].

Recorded interview of Phyliss Smales (née King) by Peter Foulsham, part 1 of 2 (side A of cassette)

Starts and finishes with Glenn Miller's 'String of Pearls'. Phyliss Smales describes working at the American Red Cross [ARC] Club at Rackheath airbase from the time it was built. Recalls being interviewed by Field Director Ralph Adams and Gladys Richards (manageress of British staff). Recalls starting in kitchens with Mrs Gwen Kenton (head cook). Describes moving to live on airbase from October 1944. Short discussion about the behaviour of the American servicemen. Describes warmth in Nissen huts and food. Recalls cooking breakfast for Major Paul [surname not given] and Richard Adams away from airbase. Recalls helping to cook pastry. Describes favourable working conditions and pay. Recalls taking inventory of kitchen before opening and describes the cooking range and fridge. Describes some of the men who worked nearby, including those detained by the Military Police and those working to deliver coal. Recalls cycling to friend's house in Salhouse where servicemen visited, including Don Snyder and Earl Keifer [ground crew]. Anecdote about getting lost returning to airbase with Don Snyder and getting in trouble with Military Police. Recalls dances with WAAFs, WRNS and ATS girls from Yarmouth. Talks about more recent friendship with Col Shower and remembers his drivers who used to take her and her friends out in the car. Reflects on leaving the airbase and Americans leaving equipment behind when they left. Describes moving with the ARC (with colleague Doris Randall) from Rackheath in July 1945 to Tidworth, Hampshire. Describes Tidworth as processing station for returning infantry and then GI bride reception centre. Describes accommodation with Americans Miss Juneman and Dot McLennan (club directors). Reflects on different attitudes of infantry to air crew. Describes move to the 103rd General Hospital, a hospital with German prisoners doing construction work. Describes GI bride processing and dances. Refers to English girls Molly Farrelly, Joan Spanswick and Jane 'Lizzy' Parry. Describes some German prisoners and the Austrian singer Ralph [Richard] Tauber. Describes food and entertainment provided for American servicemen. Describes another English employee, Gladys Keep. Reflects on her enjoyment of parties and attitudes towards American-British relationships. Talks about leadership at Rackheath, including Col Shower, Ion Walker, Maj Woodward and English manageresses. Anecdotes about dancing, invasion warnings on airbase and comments on rats eating candles in accommodation.

Records of Archie Rice of Cringleford, builder and Sheriff

  • MC 3532
  • Fonds
  • 1920s-1970s

Trancript of Archie Rice's memoir, 1976
Rice's scrapbook of Norwich life in the 1920s
Certificate of appointment as Sheriff of Norwich, 1926
Certificate of thanks from Norwich Corporation for services as Sheriff, 1927

Archibald Arthur Rice; 1888-1978; builder, Sheriff; Norwich, Norfolk

Photographs of Freethorpe and digital copy of the memoirs of Elsie Madge Brown

  • ACC 2021/152
  • Temporary
  • c 1900-2021

The original Post Office featured in this photograph was
situated on the corner of The Common and Old Chapel Road,
The photograph was taken around the turn of the century. The man in the trilby is Charles James Brock the postmaster at the time, who was also a tailor.
The man on the left is Charles' son Alfred Robert, born 1st March 1877 and died of his wounds on the last day of WW1, 10th November 1918.
The girl on the left is lsabel (b. 7 June 1885), who took over the Post Office from her father.
ln 1942, Elsie Browne, Charles' granddaughter, took it over as part of her war work and brought it to 91 The Green. She ran it for 35 years. ln 1977, Freda Pipes, her daughter ran it for the following 20 years.
The Post Office then moved to 87 The Green where it was run by Richard Church and subsequently his daughter Joanna until 2017 when it was closed permanently.

Freethorpe School forms 4, 5, and 6, c. 1925, names on reverse.

Digital copy of Elsie Madge Brown (nee Brock)'s memoirs, written in the 1990s, copy made by NRO.

Norfolk Record Office; 1963-; archive service, Norfolk

File concerning LPH's future, 1995

Copy letters, articles, consultation documents, and printed material, relating to the proposed closure of Little Plumstead Hospital, as part of the government's 'Care in the Community' policy, including the first-hand account of the experiences of a father of a resident with severe learning difficulties.

Prestons of Yarmouth family photographs and papers

  • ACC 2022/30
  • Temporary
  • 19-20th centuries

Family photographic prints, family papers, a bound typescript, dated 1937, of 'The Pagets of Great Yarmouth, 1800-1850' (from the memoirs of the Rev. Alfred Tolver Paget, Rector of Kirstead, Norfolk), two copies of John Preston's 'The Picture of Yarmouth' (pub 1819) and a copy of 'Great Yarmouth as it Was' by Alfred Hedges (pub 1973), a privately printed volume, Palgrave Family Memorials' ed. by Charles John Palmer and Stephen Tucker, 1878, a special issue of the Norfolk Chronicle and Norwich Gazette re the Stanfield Hall murders by James Rush, 21 April 1849, and miscellaneous other papers

Preston family; 1713-1890; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk