Marlingford, Norfolk



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  • Lat: 52.6333 Long: 1.15
  • OS sheet ref.: TG1109

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Marlingford, Norfolk

BT Norfolk

Marlingford, Norfolk

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Marlingford, Norfolk

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Marlingford, Norfolk

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Draft valuer's report

Charles Hornor's draft report with schedule of allotments and formal declarations re stopping up of public roads, the setting out and appointing of private cariages and roads, setting out of public watercourses, the setting out of land for re...

Printed notices

Small bundle of printed notices from Charles Hornor instructing landowners to raise fences on their allotments. Most of the notices are not signed and have not had dates and other items filled in. There is one notice addressed to Thomas L'Es...

Tracing of Marlingford Common

Linen-backed tracing of Marlingford Common, featuring coloured field boundaries, field numbers, names of landowners and acreages. With compass rose and showing some buildings, rivers and roads with destinations.No scale given.

Statement of claims

Statement of claims (draft and fair copy?) delivered to Charles Hornor as valuer. Contains notes as to whether claims are allowed, disallowed or withdrawn. Signed by Charles Hornor and certified as deposited at the Bell Inn, Marlingford, for inspe...


Letters to Charles Hornor from various parties connected with the Marlingford enclosure award. This includes official correspondence with the Inclosure Commissioners, letters from surveyors, tradesmen and other people working on the award, claims ...

Reference book

Numerical and collected references of the old enclosures, stating occupiers and landowners names, field names, acreages, type and value. Also includes summaries of old enclosures and allotments.

Letter book

Alphabetically indexed at the front. Only completed up to folio 43. Handwritten copies of outgoing letters from Charles Hornor as valuer.

Valuer's minute book

Only the first few pages have been completed in this volume and contain the minutes of meetings to receive claims, to hear objections and a brief note recording a meeting to receive expenses.

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