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  • Graphic delineations at a set scale, of all or part of the earth or another celestial sphere indicating the relative position of selected artificial and natural features.

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Various papers

Elevation of intended new front to Quebec House, Dereham, the estate of Henry Lee Warner Bagge. Coloured, nd; ground plan of same (of W.W. Lee Warner) naming rooms and showing drains, with proposed addition and elevation sketched in. Coloured, nd;...

Augustus Jessopp; 1823-1914; historian; Scarning, Norfolk


Deed of exchange; 1a. of meadow glebe land bounded north by the common river exchanged by Henry, Lord Bishop of Norwich, rector of Little Melton, with the trustees under the will of Revd Thomas Greene, for 1a. in Cawdle Beck Field, 1817.Four piece...

2r. 22p. of copyhold land; two copyhold allotments to Thomas Wagstaff under the Drayton and Bawburgh inclosure award, of 9a. and 11a. 1r. 20p. in Bawburgh, all held of the manor of Costessey.

Surrendered by Wagstaffe to Sir John Lombe's trustees in 1830. With exchange under the Great Melton inclosure act; five pieces of land, 2r. 22p., exchanged by Edward Lombe with Wagstaffe for four pieces of the same quantity, 1826. Includes plan.

Town Orchard, 2r. 28p.; Willow Meadow and Town Meadow, 4a. 1r. 31p.; Town Seven Acres, 6a. 3r. 5p.; Town Four Acres, 4a. 3r. 5p.; Great Dales, 9a. 3r. 6p.; 6a. 4p. of copyhold land, held of the manor of Lyng.

Part of an estate conveyed by Frances Monke and William Chaplin to John Bunn in 1750, mortgaged by Bunn to John Bennett in 1750 and devised by him to his son John in 1764. Mortgaged by John Bunn to Revd William Green in 1766. Conveyed by William B...


Messuage in Foxley, 2a. 3r.; two pieces of land of 3a. and 5a.; 5.5a. late called Hodds Closes; triangular piece of land, 3.5a. Conveyance by Samuel Sayers to Owen Dixon, 1805.1a. 1r. 20p. of copyhold land in Bawdeswell abutting on Walsingham Way ...

Messuage and House Pightle of 1a. 3r. 22p., The Garden, 1r. 22p., Long Pightle, 1a. 3p.; the Great Pightle, 2a. 26p.; River Meadow, 1a. 1r. 1p.; all copyhold, held of the manor of Elsing with the members.

One third surrendered to Elias Brett by James and Mary Park; one third by Henry Hempsted; and one third in Samuel and Sarah Cottes, in 1736. Elizabeth Davy admitted under Brett's will in 1740 and surrendered property to Charles Oakley in 1763...