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Papers relating to City Boundaries

(1) Transcripts of documents of the 13th to 19th centuries relating to city boundaries. (2) Transcript of shorthand notes taken at Local Government Board Enquiry of 31 Jan. 1907. (3) Maps showing existing boundaries and proposed alterations by Pro...

Papers mainly relating to the history of the Cathedral collected by W.T. Bensly, chapter clerk, 1869-1909. Included are papers of L.G. Bolingbroke, chapter clerk, 1909-1927, and Bensly's son-in-law.

Papers mostly dating from the late 1870s-c 1907 but with some earlier material. The following are included: notes for addresses by Bensly to learned societies, on Cathedral history to the Huguenot Society, 1888, on the Tanner MSS, 1891, and on the...

Augustus Jessopp; 1823-1914; historian; Scarning, Norfolk

Volume 2

  • MC 2977/2, 1028X7
  • File
  • 15th century-early 18th century
  • Fait partie de Bacon Papers

Letter re Consistory Court case concerning Nicholas Cuttyng parson of Westwick, 15th century, with out-rental of manor of Little Barningham on dorseNorfolk Armada defence directionsPlumstede and Brittiffe of Plumstead letters, 16th century-17th ce...

'Illustrations of domestic architecture in England ... as exemplified in the interior of the residence of John Danby Palmer at Great Yarmouth' by Charles John Palmer, 1838: volume I

Manuscripts inserted:before p5Plan of the Yare estuary in A.D. 1000. J. Ives (printed), nd [from original in the Bodleian, c 1590]Print of the Yarmouth Hutch map showing the Yare estuary in A.D. 1000, (printed) J. Basire, nd. Map of the district c...


With a sketch plan on front. 17th century copy.

Book of 'Ancient Maps'

By Fen Research Limited, compiled in 1933. With book-plate of Harry Bradfer-Lawrence. Contains photographic prints of original manuscript maps. Indexed at front. Index includes references to maps numbered 45, 49 and 50 but which are not present. M...

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