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  • Graphic delineations at a set scale, of all or part of the earth or another celestial sphere indicating the relative position of selected artificial and natural features.

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'A Map of the Common Fen of Downeham Wimbersham and Stow in the County of Norfolke Divided by the Consent of Sr. Ralph Hare Bart. Lord of the Mannor and other the inhabytants of Downeham and the Hamlets of Wimbersham and Stow whose names in their several lotts are herein particularly Described'

Surveyor: Theophilus Byrd (fl 1653-1666).Coloured: Yes.Compass: Yes.North: towards the righthand side (i.e., E of modern map). Beautiful compass rose with golden ring.Scale: 40 perches to 1in.Cartouche: Yes.Fieldnames: No.Acreages: No.Tenures: Yes...

'A Mapp of Wayborne in Norfolk 1704'

This is a nineteenth-century facsimile of the original map, which was surveyed by R. Nicholson for the Right Honourable Charles Lord Cornwallis, Baron of Eye, using information from the manor court rolls and the copyhold tenants. Covers the Manors...

Weybourne Manor; 1189-1925; Weybourne, Norfolk

'A Mapp of ye Great Levell of ye Fenns'

Surveyor: Jonas Moore.Coloured: No.Compass: No.North: towards top of page.Scale: 1.5 miles to 1in.Cartouche: Yes.Fieldnames: No.Acreages: Yes.Tenures: No.Structures: No.Topographical features: Rivers, drains, washes, windmills, houses, commons, me...

'A Record for the People called Quakers in the County of NORFOLK of all their Burying Grounds, Meeting houses and Yearly Profits of Charitable gifts and Bequests to their Poor annually digested shewing By whom and when Purchased or Given, to whom and when since transferred in Trust and with whom the several Writings thereunto belonging are lodged.'

Dated 1859 (with later additions c 1937). Includes Estates in: Alburgh, 1701-1926: Beccles, 1791-1930; Diss 1698-1937; Downham, 1710-1899; Fakenham, 1667-1905; Hingham, 1708-1927; Harling, 1837-1937; Holt, 1713-1901; Kirtley, 1826-1869; Lammas, 16...

'Hutch Map'

Purporting to show the Yarmouth region as in the year 1000. The site of Yarmouth shown as a sandbank at the head of the great river estuary stretching to Norwich and surrounding settlements and structures marked, the villages represented by church...

'The Description of Salthouse and Kelling Marishes in the County of Norff: as they were Imbanked and Divided into Common and Severall inclosures, Anno Dom. 1648 and 1649'

This is a nineteenth-century facsimile of an original, which was surveyed by John Hunt in 1648-1649. Names enclosures, giving acreages, and hills and banks. Buildings are shown in perspective, including Salthouse church and a post mill. Salthouse ...

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