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  • Graphic delineations at a set scale, of all or part of the earth or another celestial sphere indicating the relative position of selected artificial and natural features.

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'Bowthorpe Master Plan'

Report produced by Bowthorpe Team, Norwich City Council, February 1974. With 8 plans. Aerial photograph of whole undeveloped site on front cover. (County Planning Department ref. D.11/00/00/11).

'Hutch Map'

Purporting to show the Yarmouth region as in the year 1000. The site of Yarmouth shown as a sandbank at the head of the great river estuary stretching to Norwich and surrounding settlements and structures marked, the villages represented by church...

'Illustrations of domestic architecture in England ... as exemplified in the interior of the residence of John Danby Palmer at Great Yarmouth' by Charles John Palmer, 1838: volume I

Manuscripts inserted:before p5Plan of the Yare estuary in A.D. 1000. J. Ives (printed), nd [from original in the Bodleian, c 1590]Print of the Yarmouth Hutch map showing the Yare estuary in A.D. 1000, (printed) J. Basire, nd. Map of the district c...

'Kelling, a Genealogical Study' by Stanley Morgan (1914-1992; of Kelling 1968-1992), being a family-based history of Kelling using inter alia parish register information, the Tithe Apportionment of 1839, late 18th-century manor court records and census information, 1841-1881.

With positive copies of old photographs of buildings and people (identified) including Kelling post mill, harvest scenes, Randall's Folly at Salthouse, and maps including reproduction of map of Salthouse and Kelling marshes as embanked and di...

'Map of Lynn Deeps'

Surveyor: Jacob Norris.Coloured: No.Compass: Yes.North: towards top of page.Scale: 3 miles to 1in.Cartouche: No.Fieldnames: No.Acreages: No.Tenures: No.Structures: No.Topographical features: Norfolk and Lincolnshire coasts with The Wash. Mouths of...

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