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  • Graphic delineations at a set scale, of all or part of the earth or another celestial sphere indicating the relative position of selected artificial and natural features.

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Map 1838; Apportionment 1839 (detached); Altered Apportionment 1873; Altered Apportionment 1916 with plan; Altered Apportionment 1920 with plan; Altered Apportionment 1924 with plan; Altered Apportionment 1922 (missing); Altered Apportionment 1928...

Gaywood and Mintlyn

Award: 1810. Maps (2): Gaywood, 1810, 1 inch: 6 chains, 66 by 83; Mintlyn, 1810, 1 inch: 6.5 chains, 85 by 94. Surveyor: Robert Chasteney of Bracondale, Norwich.

Screw bound cover entitled Family Records, C.F. Neville Rolfe.

Map of Heacham with the property of Edmund Rolfe numbered, early 19th centuryCopies of the 'General Evening Post' (London), 17-19 Nov. 1785, and 'John Bull', 22 May 1841 with announcements of family marriages; copy of ,The Time...

Dawson Turner; 1775-1858; banker, botanist, art and manuscript collector, antiquary; North Walsham and Great Yarmouth, Norfolk