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Estate papers

Extent of estate in Guestwick occupied by Matthew Keeler, John Hall of Fakenham, surveyor, 1781; arbitration award re money due to Revd Austin Bulwer under a lease of Guestwick vicarage to W.E.L. Bulwer, 1796, and undated rental of Heydon and Gues...

Map of unidentified closes possibly in Reepham

Surveyor: possibly Thomas Beckett (fl 1730-1767).Coloured: Yes.Compass: No.North: No. Not possible to tell where.Scale: not known.Cartouche: No.Fieldnames: Yes.Acreages: Yes.Tenures: No.Structures: Yes.Topographical features: field boundaries, tre...

Drawings for plinth panels

With reliefs of soldiers and trumpeter and statue of goddess on plinth bearing the Earle arms, [? mid 18th century]; plan of Littlemore Pit, Heydon, [1728]. Wrapper marked 'Plans for alteration of Heydon House - Augustine Earle Esc. by B. Hin...

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