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  • Graphic delineations at a set scale, of all or part of the earth or another celestial sphere indicating the relative position of selected artificial and natural features.

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Various papers

Letter from R. Long, Pembroke Hall, Cambridge, to Erasmus Earle sending verse and re gift of an advowson by Maurice Berkeley in the time of Henry VIII to Christ's College in the way in which Earle wished to give those of Cawston and Salle, 17...

Field book

Includes Clippesby arms, plan of property abutting on the highway from West Common to Repps Church with sketches of buildings (fo. 21); copy of inquisition post mortem on the estates of John Clippesby, taken in 1595, copy of indenture of 1198 (see...


Map nd (stamped 1840); Apportionment 1841 (attached); Altered Apportionment 1921. Formerly numbered as DN/TA 446.


Map 1837; Apportionment 1839 (detached); Altered Apportionment 1920 with plan; Altered Apportionment 1936. Formerly numbered as DN/TA 87.


Map 1840; Apportionment 1841 (attached); Altered Apportionment 1926 with plan; Altered Apportionment 1931 with plan; Altered Apportionment 1867 with plan; Altered Apportionment 1936 with plan. Formerly numbered as DN/TA 453.


Map nd [1840]; Apportionment 1840 (attached); Glebe boundary award for Beechamwell All Saints 1845. Formerly numbered as DN/TA 237.

Tilney All Saints and St Lawrence

Maps 1840 (x3); Apportionment 1843 (attached); Altered Apportionment 1848 with plan; Altered Apportionment 1919 with plan; Altered Apportionment 1920 with plan; Altered Apportionment 1921 with plan; Altered Apportionment 1933 with plan; Altered Ap...

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