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Baptisms and Burials 1770-1814.

With copy terriers 1784, 1791, 1801, 1820, 1827, 1845, 1865 and related notes 1806, 1834 and 1886; memoranda of repairs to parsonage house and chancel by Revd James Cory 1796-1809, exchange of glebe land 1801, discharge of living from land tax 180...

Baptisms 1785-1812; Burials 1786-1812

With plans of parsonage house before and after alterations of 1812; plan of drains and maintenance instructions c.1816; maps of glebe with terrier 1816; observations re rebuilding of church house and improvements to soil of glebe 1815; account of ...

Glebe terriers

Terriers for 1763, 1813, 1834, 1845 (with pencilled amendments), 1886 (with pencilled amendments), 1894 (with pencilled amendments and additions to 1912, also including maps showing the rectory house and glebe land, charity estates and estate belo...

Various papers

Elevation of intended new front to Quebec House, Dereham, the estate of Henry Lee Warner Bagge. Coloured, nd; ground plan of same (of W.W. Lee Warner) naming rooms and showing drains, with proposed addition and elevation sketched in. Coloured, nd;...

Augustus Jessopp; 1823-1914; historian; Scarning, Norfolk

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