Manuscripts of Sir Thomas Phillipps (1792-1872) relating to Norfolk Inventory list

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PHI 58, 576X9 Appointment by William Turnour and Nichola his wife of William Sparrham as his attorney to deliver seisin to John Honyng, Roger Bolowe, Esq., and William Gayford of curtilage with ditches and appurtenances formerly of Thomas Bernard in North Burlingham. File 15 Feb 1413
PHI 64, 576X9 Quitclaim by Alice daughter of William le Waleys to Isabella de Cressy of right in tenement called Stretelond or in any other tenement belonging to the manor of Buxton. File nd [? early 13th century]
Caister by Yarmouth Sub-series 1336-1548
PHI 68, 576X9 Grant by Alen (?Koyham) to Nicholas Waleys and Thomas de Heydone, chaplain, of 1a. land in field of Caister near chapel of St Margaret and Grenemer'. File 19 Oct 1388
PHI 69, 576X9 Grant by Robert Ston and Margaret his wife to Thomas Smyth, Custancia his wife and Nicholas their son of a piece of land of 3a. in the field of Caister in 'cultura' called Blodhamburgh. File 10 Dec 1439
PHI 71, 576X9 Similar acknowledgment to (PHI 70) by Sir John Williams, knight, Treasurer of the Court of Augmentations, in respect of £64 received from Paston for the purchase of the late free chapel of Caister Holy Trinity. File 30 Nov 1548
Caldecote Sub-series 1329
PHI 73/1, 576X9 Grant by Peter de Alto Bosco, moved by charity and for the health of his soul and those of his ancestors, to the altar of Blessed Mary of Calthorpe (i.e. to Calthorpe parish church), of the homage and service of Helewysia daughter of Peter Dubeldey for the tenement she had of his gift in Calthorpe that was William Sharp's, and for a piece of land lying at Kirsetres and a piece of pasture that Eudo Dubledey used to hold at Skerehunger in Calthorpe between the old river ('veterem ripam') and the mill and abutting on the causeway west, to the value of 14d. p.a. File nd [? mid 13th century]
PHI 73/2, 576X9 Grant by Peter de Alto Bosco to Mathew son of Simon de Hoe of 1r. 11p. land near the highway in Calthorpe. File nd [? mid 13th century]
PHI 73/4, 576X9 Grant and quitclaim by Alice wife of John de Brende Wode to Isabella her daughter of 0.5a. of the 3a.1r. of land that she held for life of the gift of Nicholas her son, of which Isabella bought the reversion of Nicholas, in Calthorpe near the path from the house of Walter Neyse to Rustes. File 25 Mar 1302
PHI 76, 576X9 Quitclaim by William de Calethorp to the Hospital of St Giles of Norwich of right in 1a. called Mynnesacre in Calthorpe and the advowson of the church there, given to the Hospital by Walter, Bishop of Norwich. File nd [? late 13th century]
PHI 78, 577X1 Grant by Richard, perpetual vicar of Calthorpe, and Richard Abot, chaplain, to Isabella, who was wife of Ralph Adamesson, of tenement in Calthorpe acquired of said Isabella, viz. messuage and cottage called Willesyerd with buildings, trees etc., and croft adjoining of 9a. Also 13.75d. rent from six tenants (named) in Calthorpe. To Isabella for life, then to Roger de Holt and wife Alice and the heirs of their bodies, then to the right heirs of Roger. File 30 May 1345
PHI 82, 577X1 Copy of Court Roll of the manor of Sutton Outsoken recording admission of Andrew Prime, gent., on the death of Peter Prime and Mary his widow to 1a. with messuage built in Catfield, 14.5p. and 1.5r. in Woodcroft, cottage in Woodrow Street, 3a. adjoining, pightle of 2a. and in Clubbs Close, all in Catfield, and surrender by Prime (then of Phyllack, Cornwall) to use of Joseph Jackson, doctor of physic, of parish of St Mary, Whitechapel, Middlesex. File 4 Sep 1711
PHI 83, 577X1 Feoffment by Henry Pertryk, clerk, Henry Gardenar, clerk, John Brancastr', jun., and John Pertryk to Thomas Pertryk, John Perne and Richard Savage of all their lands and tenements in the towns and fields of Catton and Horsham St Faith, had from John Agges, Thomas Hill, William Agges and Henry Kentyng. File 31 Mar 1459
PHI 85, 577X1 Agreement (in English) between William Willughbye, knight, Lord Willoughby and Eresby, and James Hobart, knight, to have a valuation made of the manor of Chedgrave in Chedgrave and adjoining towns in the Hundreds of Loddon and 'Knaveryng' (Clavering), it having been valued at £16 p.a. 'pryce of barly sett at xijd the combe' and accordingly Hobart paid £228 with condition that Sir Edmund Jenney, knight, and Richard Braunche, clerk, should truly value it. As they had not done so he was sustaining great loss 'for grete part & the best part ... runnyth with bushis brakys & furrys ... so as the cost & charge to recover yt wull near cost asmoch as the grownd ys worth'. File 22 Aug 1506
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