Manorial, title deeds, sale particulars and other documents relating to the manors of Buxton Levishaw, Oxnead Hall and Lamas Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
MC 2897/1 Manorial Series c 1620-1922
MC 2897/1/1/1 Court books Sub-sub-series c 1620-1918
MC 2897/1/2/3 Court book File 1791-1841
MC 2897/1/2/4 Court book File 1842-1924
MC 2897/1/3 Manor of Oxnead Hall Sub-series 1694-1922
MC 2897/1/3/1 Court book File 1694-1922
MC 2897/2/3 Deeds: Manor of Lamas and Manor of Meyton Hall in Frettenham File 1777-1935
MC 2897/2/6 Mortgage and assignment of term File 1810, 1824
MC 2897/2/9 Copy admissions for Reverend William Heath Marsh File 1834-1849
MC 2897/3/1 Sale particulars: estates in Oxnead, Buxton, Brampton, Skeyton, Burgh next Aylsham and Lamas File 21 Apr 1827
MC 2897/3/4 Sale particulars: Gable Farm, Lamas File 1945
MC 2897/4/2 Plan of estate in Lammas and Little Hautbois for sale File 1924
MC 2897/1/1/2 Minute book File 1896-1918
MC 2897/1/1/3 Rental File nd [1885]
MC 2897/1/1/9 Instructions for admission of Philip Edward Sewell to copyholds of the late John Wright File nd [1871]
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