Manorial and Estate Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
ANW/S 2/2 Saxlingham Netherhall manor, court minutes 1553 and estreats 1643, 1648, 1651-1659. File 1553-1659
ANW/S 2/4 Saxlingham Netherhall manor, estreats 1660-1661, 1663-1666, 1668. File 1660-1668
ANW/S 2/7 Grant by John Tuttell at the Crosse of Saxlingham and William his son to John Warden jun. of a close containing 7a. called Brodead in Hempnall File 1558
ANW/S 2/5 Saxlingham Netherhall, Vardens and Thorpe manor, rentals File 1700-1705
ANW/S 2/13 Papers in John Tallent at suit of John Steward Esq. re the cutting of trees on the common of Saxlingham Nethergate, Overgate and Thorpe File 1816
ANW/S 2/17 Syderstone survey of brecks, recording those laid out 1625-1632 File 1625-1640
ANW/S 2/19 Wicklewood and Crownthorpe manor abstracts of tenants and rentals File 1753
ANW/S 2/21 Survey of the parish of Colton File nd [c 1804]
ANW/S 2/2-14 Saxlingham Estate Sub-series 1455-1825
ANW/S 2/3 Saxlingham Netherhall manor, estreats. File 1606-1607
ANW/S 2/8 Bargain and Sale by Sir William Pawlet, Lord St John, and Lady Agnes, his wife, to William Tuthill and Robert Cotwyn of much property (described) in Saxlingham and Shotesham File 1572
ANW/S 2/14 Probate copy of will of Maria Chamberlin widow of Saxlingham Nethergate, dated and proved File 1839
ANW/S 2/15 Copy of 1578 of terrier of Postedhall manor [? Philip and Mary] in Burnham Westgate, and translation of 1585 of undated but pre-Reformation survey of land paying tithe to the parson of Norton St Andrew File 1578-1585
ANW/S 2/1 Unidentified [? Thompson] manor court roll File nd [? 16th century]
ANW/S 2/6 Copies of Court Roll of Saxlingham Netherhall manor re various lands granted and surrendered to members of the Totehill family. File 1455-1507
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