Manor of Colney East Hall Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
MC 2944/1/30 Minute book File 1903-1922
MC 2944/1/34 Rental File 1902
MC 2944/1/37/1-2 Steward's papers: surrenders File 1880, 1882
MC 2944/1/28 Court book File 1821-1882
MC 2944/1/38 Steward's papers: Abstract of a conveyance of copyhold lands held of the manor, Clare Sewell Read, esq., and others to Crosier Bailey, esq., and others. File 1895
MC 2944/1/29 Court book File 1882-1921
MC 2944/1/31/1-2 Rental File 1872
MC 2944/1/39 Steward's papers relating to admissions of Mr W.J.H. Dann File 1921
MC 2944/1/32 Rental File 1893
MC 2944/1/33 Rental File 1899
MC 2944/1/35 Rental File 1916
MC 2944/1/36 Particular File 20th century
MC 2944/1/40 Steward's papers: Col. H.G. Barclay and Major E.H. Evans Lombe, compensation agreement as to land in Little Melton and Wramplingham File 23 Dec 1927