Litcham Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
KIM 3/13/2 Conveyance by Christopher Belsen alias Pitts to Henry Belsen alias Pitts of messuage with buildings in Litcham File 11 Nov 1579
KIM 3/13/3 Title deeds to pieces of land in Litcham conveyed to John Atkins by Walter Skynner in 1604 and by John Elwyne in 1607 File 1604-1607
KIM 3/13/6 Copies of admissions to Litcham manor File 17th century-18th century
KIM 3/13/9 Leases of Litcham High House Farm by John Wodehouse to John Temple 12 November 1770 and 9 October 1787 File 1770-1787
KIM 3/13/12 List of quit-rents, Litcham manor File 1795
KIM 3/13/1 Agreement between Roger Wodehouse, Francis Gawdy and William Thornton to levy a common recovery on land in Litcham, Kempston, Beeston, Grimston, Congham and Roydon and on the advowsons of Litcham and Grimston File 20 Dec 1568
KIM 3/13/4 Title deeds to land in Litcham bought by Sir Thomas Wodehouse from Thomas Cadyman on 29 November 1621 and 1 February 1624 File 1621-1624
KIM 3/13/7 Title deeds to Wodehouse estates in Litcham File 16th century-18th century
KIM 3/13/10 Title deeds to estates in Litcham File 18th century
KIM 3/13/13 Copyhold documents relating to estates of Sir John Wodehouse copyhold of Litcham manor File 1732-1733
KIM 3/13/5 Title deeds to Wodehouse estates in Litcham File 1662-1778
KIM 3/13/8 Settlement between Edmund Wodehouse and Sir Nicholas Lestrange concerning tenements in Litcham File 1703
KIM 3/13/11 Title deed to lands in Litcham exchanged between John Glover and John Wodehouse File 16 Aug 1735
KIM 3/13/14 Title deeds to estate in Litcham conveyed to Sir John Wodehouse by John Wastell in 1732 File 1705-1732