Letters to Mary Pendlebury Houghton Enfield (1827-1884) Inventory list

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ENF/Q 1/1-2 J[oseph] Crompton File 1857
ENF/Q 11/62-88 Jan, exchange of letters with Mr Langley about his 'dismissal' as tutor; Mar, letters from Anna Dowson and R.S. Case; June, death of Richard [Holt] Hutton's wife [Anne Roscoe] of yellow fever [in the West Indies], great blow for his brother. File 1853
ENF/Q 11/116-131 Letters about Arthur's and Alfred's medical education with Dr Edwin Lankester; letters to MD from Phebe Lankester, M.S. Taylor, John Dowson, A.P. Dowson, W.A. Case, etc. File 1855
ENF/Q 11/153-198 Undated letters from Mary Dowson to Mary Enfield File nd [1850s]
ENF/Q 14/1-17 Russell Dowson, brother File 1851-1857
ENF/Q 17/1-2 Henry Enfield, brother-in-law, and his wife Eliza Sara: death of Joanna Baillie etc. File 1851-1852
ENF/Q 18/38-52 May, visit to Edwin Lankester; July, 'my beautiful Scotch friend Miss Gray. She seems to have got rid of Mr Ruskin, and now married the great artist Mr Millais. Poor thing I hope she has a chance of being happy now'. File 1855
ENF/Q 18/80-101 Undated letters about family affairs File nd [1853-1858]
ENF/Q 2/1-6 Alfred Dowson, brother File 1850s
ENF/Q 5/1-3 Emily Dowson, aunt File 1866
ENF/Q 8/1-6 Henry G. Dowson, father; letter of 1873 has part written by Mary Dowson about deaths by drowning of Mr and Mrs Paget and rescue of Emily Paget. File 1844-1873
ENF/Q 11 Mary P. Dowson, mother, frequently enclosing letters she has received from her other children, many are undated but some have been dated on receipt by Mary Enfield. File 1840s-1860s
ENF/Q 11/132-142 Russell Dowson hears Jenny Lind in Norwich; Mr Gillet may be going to see Professor Lyme in Edinburgh about possible operation described in the Lancet [tumour of the throat]; part of a letter from Caroline Lewis to MD File 1856
ENF/Q 12/1-37 Maria Dowson, sister-in-law and aunt: family news, about Travers Madge [1823-1866, religious enthusiast who lived with the Dowsons for some time, son of Revd Thomas Madge of Norwich], good works, etc. File nd [1840s]-1867
ENF/Q 15/1-11 Susan Withers Dowson, sister, Geldeston, to Mary school at Nottingham File 1844
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