Legal, Estate and Secretary's papers Inventory list

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BR 266/89 Leases, agreements and correspondence relating to the Caley mineral water factory site and premises (No. 10) File 1855-1920
BR 266/92 Leases and agreements re Norwich Corporation leasehold properties in Coburg Street and St Stephens Back Street (No. 14A) File 1898-1919
BR 266/95 King's National Roll papers and other agreements and licence (no. 17) File 1926-1940
BR 266/98 A.J. Caley and Son Ltd's guarantees to Barclays Bank for loans to Hugo E. Oelrichs [the company's confectioner] and with correspondence with Barclays, and Caley's agreement to hire space at Manchester's Corn Exchange until December 1942 (No. 20) File 1936
BR 266/100 A.J. Caley and Son Ltd's agreements and correspondence with Auto-Sprays (Beckenham) Ltd and Boggild & Jacobsen and Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Ltd (No. 23) File 1933-1939
BR 266/103 Share certificates in Abang Rubber Co. Ltd (No. 31) File May 1927
BR 266/106 Bonds of indemnity, notices of railway ledger accounts on Mackintosh's behalf, freight guarantees, correspondence and forms of entry re Customs and Excise duties on export of mineral waters and disposal of industrial methylated spirits,1939-1941 and also copies of schedules of title deeds and leases to properties owned and occupied by John Mackintosh and Sons Ltd, 1939 (No. 35) File 1939-1941
BR 266/112-126 Other deeds, leases, agreements and estate papers Series 1898-1952
BR 266/119 Patent Office-Trade Marks registration papers re registration of Caley trade marks File 1899-1927
BR 266/122 Copies of agreement, dated 1 July 1932, between John Mackintosh and Sons Ltd and United Africa Co. Ltd re purchase of A.J. Caley and Son Ltd and John Mackintosh and Sons Ltd, and related papers, and signed and sealed production agreements between Caley and Mackintosh File 1932-1939
BR 266/125 Conveyance of freehold property next Chantry Road from the Trustees of St Peter Mancroft Mission Hall to John Mackintosh and Sons Ltd File Oct 1952
BR 266/128 Draft factory register returns to the Home Office from the Caley Branch of John Mackintosh and Sons Ltd File Mar 1942
BR 266/131 Ministry of Food- Sugar Division- Woodhouse's copies of letters to the Industries and Manufacturers Department of the Board of Trade, and returns of new and manufactured stocks held File Sep 1939-Aug 1943
BR 266/133 MCA and Ministry of Food copy letters, applications for permits and permit forms for purchasing cocoa beans and cocoa butter File Sep 1939-Jan 1943
BR 266/136 Secretary's circulars and returns re the Ministry of Food's oil and fats-butter control File Sep 1939-May 1941
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