Later medieval endowment Inventory list

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NCR 24b/1/25 Lease of the benefice of Thurlton Rectory for five years by Sir John Dowe, parson of 'Thurverton' [Thurllton] church to Sir Nicholas Chaumberleyn, priest File 29 Sep 1507
NCR 24b/1/26-35 Licences in mortmain and general pardons by royal letters patent Sub-sub-sub-series 1331-1581
NCR 24b/1/28 Pardon by letters patent for Beatrix, the widow of Ranulph de Holbek and John, the son of Alexander Holbek, for acquiring without licence from Walter de Claver a third part of the Manor of Runham without licence and pardon for William Clere of Ormesby for likewise acquiring from them the same third part of the manor and grant from the king to William of the third part. File 17 Oct 1360
NCR 24b/1/31 Licence in mortmain by letters patent for the Hospital to acquire the manor of Cringleford and the advowson of Wigmere File 11 Mar 1410
NCR 24b/1/41 Extract from Exchequer roll V in Easter Term of 22 Henry VII being a transcript of an inquisition held at Thetford in September 1505 and of later court proceedings whereby the Hethel and East Carleton estates were restored to the Hospital File Apr 1507
NCR 24b/1/22/1-2 Power of Attorney by Sir Thomas Roscelin kt to Hubert de Martham, chaplain, to deliver seisin in half an acre of land and the advowson of Thurveton [Thurlton] church to Bishop William [de Ayrmine] of Norwich, 1331; and Edward III's licence in mortmain by letters patent for the same Bishop to alientate the half-acre and advowson to St Giles' Hospital, 1334. File 7 Jun 1331, 13 Sep 1334
NCR 24b/1/26 Licence in mortmain by letters patent for Walter de Fileby and Stephen, the parson of the church of Lound to alienate a messuage, 15.5a of land, 2a of meadow and 44a of rushy grounds in Norwich, Hardley, Seething, Repps in Flegg, Wickmere, Cringleford, Hethel, Limpenhoe and Reedham and elsewhere, and licence for Ralph de Burghwode and the said Walter to alienate 2.5a of land on Seething, and for the said Ralph to alienate 2a of land in Norwich File 28 Jun 1331
NCR 24b/1/29 Licence in mortmain by letters patent for John de Foxle and others to alienate lands to the Hospital of St Giles in Calthorpe and elsewhere and in Norwich File 20 Feb 1381
NCR 24b/1/32 Licence in mortmain by letters patent for the Hospital to acquire lands and estates up to the annual value of £20 File 1 Jan 1451
NCR 24b/1/35 Licence for Nicholas Goldwell, clerk, James Hobart and John Coke, the executors of James Goldwell, recently bishop of Norwich, to acquire property in mortmain to the value of 53 marks per annum File 5 Jul 1503
NCR 24b/1/38/1-4 Last will and testament of John Smyth, master of St Giles' Hospital and rector of the churches of Yaxham and Couteshale with other episcopal instruments relating to the right of the Hospital to present the rector of the church of Coltishall File Jun 1489-Sep 1519
NCR 24b/1/39 Copies of five texts of 13th-century grants and quitclaims by William de Dunwich, Isabella de Cressy, Prior Simon of Norwich and others of meadows and rents in Holmestreet lands to the Great Hospital File nd [15th century]
NCR 24b/1/42 Copies of royal memoranda of the notification to Richard, Bishop of Norwich of the recovery of the right of presentation to the church of St John Baptist at Cowtesale [Coltishall] in the Court of the King's Bench by Robert Hacumblen, provost and the scholars of the King's College of St Mary and St Nicholas of Cambridge from John Hekker, clerk [and master of St Giles' Hospital], dated 7 July 1522 File nd [mid 16th century]
NCR 24b/1/22-25 Thurlton (Thurveton) advowson and rectory endowment Sub-sub-sub-series 1331-1507
NCR 24b/1/23/1-5 Institutions of Rectors at Thurlton File 1333-1344
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