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Jesus College Cambridge (mostly from Old H boys) and articles


  • 1894-1901 (Creation)

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All letters to Thomas Woods Purdy (Thomas Woods Purdy/Purdy) unless otherwise stated.

Part 1

Letter from A G Eden, Haileybury College to Purdy Jesus College (dated '26/II/94'): news of the school, friends and sport. Tom seems not very enthusiastic about rowing. 26 Feb 1894.
Letter from Eric Gordon, The Palace Hotel, Inverness to Purdy at Woodgate. Thanks for the butterfly which his people brought up with them. He returns to Norfolk in September then goes to Hardingham. His regards to Mr & Mrs Purdy. 30 Jul 1894.
Letter from Robert Carr-Selfe, Overton, 1 Ravenna Road, Putney: congratulations on attaining his majority. Long and valued friendship with his parents; present and best wishes from Mrs Selfe as well. 15 Dec 1894.
Letter from Henry C Staveley, 5 St Johns Terrace Middlesborough Yorks: 'Fancy you as a parson ... we'll be hearing of Reggie Hunt next becoming one.' Hopes Hunt will pass medical as 'delicate'. His minor (A. G. S) going to South Africa in May. [Staveley was OH and curate of St Johns Middlesborough 1894-1897.] 12 Mar 1895.
Letter from N Jackson Rio de Janeiro [OH] to Hawkes Club, Cambridge (forwarded to Woodgate): in a coffee house, hope to come home in two years. 12 Mar 1895.
Letter from H Couchman, Haileybury College: thanks for his part in the OH present for Mrs H C Wright (his daughter) on her wedding; is sending copies of the 'Herts Mercury' to be forwarded to brothers H W Sheppard and T W Sheppard. 17 Apr 1895.
Letter from Harold B Williams, 5 Glendower Place, Sth Kensington SW to Purdy at Jesus: 'Dear old Dud boy' ; talk of GH Holley becoming cleric; writer is playing for college [Haileybury]team. nd envelope Jan 1896.

Part 2

Issues of 'The Rag', Jesus College magazine (Nos 1-6) : Purdy is on dance committee (No 3) and in trial eights with G H Holley as Stroke and in rugby nines (No 6). (6 volumes). Jan-Mar 1896.


Letter from N Cory Matthew , Bretby, Burton on Trent to Purdy Hawkes Club, Cambridge: waiting for an agency. Would like to go down to Haileybury; Jock Kennedy; Reid. 30 Apr 1896.
Postcard from [schoolfriend] London to Purdy Jesus College, with newscutting attached listing T W Purdy and G H Holley as crew for Jesus College. 28 Apr 1896.
Two letters in one envelope from H Gordon Wartes(?) 16 June from 18 Cornwall Terrace, NW and 9 June 1896 from Isthmian Club Piccadilly: been around the world, now engaged and they will come to Cambridge and call on him. Regards to Holley; not now coming up as going to Ascot instead. Saw Jim Kitson recently. Jun 1896.
Two letters in one envelope from F L Todd: 17 June 1896 from The Beira Railway Co Fontesville, East Africa thanks for letters to 'poor bankrupt'; malaria kept him in bed for 2 months; guess Purdy's varsity days are over unless he does a fourth year. Ask Holley to write if he is not too proud; 8 Oct 1896 Umtali, Mashonaland [Zimbabwe]; rowing at Jesus; left the Beira Railway and joined Mashonaland Relief Force. Half way to relieve Salisbury he got dysentery so left behind but had local action here. His mother is in Jamaica. Purdy been on continent. Hope he enjoys London. Jun-Oct 1896.
Letter from Neville W Jackson Rio de Janeiro to Cambridge forwarded to Woodgate:; heard from Headley, been staying at Petropolis. 10 Jun 1896.
Letter from S J Lowry 26 Torrington Place Plymouth to Purdy at Jesus College: thanks for photo, will send one of his. Hopes Purdy enjoys his articles in London; he is serving his three years in the country. [Haileybury] cricket team. Love to Poll [Holley] and Purdy. nd envelope 19 Jul 1896.
Letter from Walter T Legge, Holmwood Lodge, North Holmwood Dorking (forwarded from Jesus College to Woodgate Aylsham): Dear Dug; sends him £1 he owed him; has been earning by tutoring this term; congrats on his degree; where is Polly[Holley]?; he has been travelling abroad; had letter from Edw Lyttelton. 7 Oct 1896.

Part 4

Three letters in one envelope from Beatrice Mowat ('Bea') Mowat, Handsworth Rectory, Sheffield ; 8 Oct 1892 sending Tom her photograph, talks of young officers. Purdy had tea with Martin and has own study in College. Mother and Ina gone to Norfolk, Mrs Purdy sent her figs. Purdy has been depressed but she expects he consoled himself with Miss Philpott; Dec 16 nd. happy birthday, painted flower, Purdy is in football XV and having jolly time with Martin. Hope to come to Speech Day next year. Mrs Purdy to visit them next summer. Sorry for beastly letter, yours affectionately Bea; 23 Oct 1896 from Bea to dear old boy', thanks for ripping plants; thanks for being a regular brick to me; Grannie in North Walsham. Have a good time at Cambridge. George recovering from the short 'four miles' to Scottow. 1892-1896.
Letter from F L Todd, Macaquece [Macekece now Manica], Mozambique Co's Territory, E Africa: chucked up the Umtali volunteers after three months, surveyed high peaks but 'was no mountaineer', became professional hunter until the wet season. Going back to Umtali; Varsity sports and Kipling. 8 Feb 1897.
Letter from Thomas Woods Purdy from 2 Redburn St, Chelsea London to father RJW Purdy at Aylsham : dined with Mr and Mrs Poole who hope to see his mother when she is at Surbiton (coming for the Jubilee); went to the Royal Military Tournament last night and today were allowed (being in uniform) to attend the inspection of Colonial troops at the Chelsea Barracks (described). Going to Haileybury with Prior tomorrow; has first law exam coming up. 11 Jun 1897.
Letter from F L Todd, Rhodesia [Zimbabwe]; thanks for letters 'like cooling streams in a dry and thirsty land'. he is a transport rider, moving animals. Rhodes, railways and politics. Asks Purdy to buy some books and magazines for him. 19 Jul 1897.
Letter from J Skidmore, School of Instruction, Chelsea Barracks: thanks for cigars; will send his photograph and find names of photographers who took the Hussars. Address of Mr Hutchinson is Shiplake Vicarage. Envelope addressed to Mr G (sic) W Purdy, Woodgate House. 14 Jul 1897.
Letter from F L Todd (friend from Jesus) Umtali Rhodesia S Africa to Purdy Aylsham: in partnership of two cattle farms; natives knock stuffing out of Portuguese but Englishmen quite safe. Purdy welcome to come and join them. 10 Nov 1897.
Letter from [?] C Royd Jones, The Grange, Calveley, Tarporley, Cheshire ; married and has baby; how do you like legal work. Best wishes to Mr and Mrs Purdy. 30 Dec 1897.
Letter from Swanny at Jesus College to Purdy at Woodgate: he is out of rowing now; tell Holley to come up. 10 Feb 1898.

Part 5

Letter from JLL Dove, Haileybury College Hertford to Purdy at Woodgate: thanks for the carbine. Get photo 80 from G W Secretan, beautiful of you. [Julian Llewelyn Dove was a pupil and his father JLD senior was a master.] 1 May 1898.
Letter from F L Todd Matabeleand [Zimbabwe]to Purdy at Aylsham; Europeans hoping for good result from gold mines; expects Transvaal will try for independence. 5 Oct 1898.
Letter from Bricker [Mowat] Handsworth Rectory: thanks for fowls, been to Scotland, may be going to Anglo Indian trading firm in India. Played rugger with Holley who can't stick this part of the world. Worried over his Oxford bills. 13 Oct 1898.
Letter from 'Swannie' at Jesus College: thanks for cheque for Mrs Hall's fund: Old Hall had been ill for a long time. How is old Holley? News re freshers and tutors. Do come for Natives dinner. nd envelope 25 Oct 1898.
Letter from JL Dove, Haileybury; thanks for subscription to the Corps Fund; like other OHs Purdy also gives time, energy and helpful influence. Would like to take him by the hand again before he sails in Feb but unlikely. But will greet more warmly on his return in about 1903 if he is not lost somewhere first. 28 Oct 1898.
Letter from J L Dove from Hunterville New Zealand to Purdy 183 Kings Rd Camden Town London: good of Purdy to visit the college. Many OHs out there but need capital to get on. Is travelling. Love to Hunt family; hope poor old Donald will find a job. Enclosed cutting re Revd Mullineux, Rugby captain. 26 Sep 1899.
Letter from J LDove, Hunterville to Purdy at Aylsham: is married; congratulate Prior; not keeping up with John and Donald Hunt; held a training camp with 68 recruits. 13 May 1901.
Letter in envelope from Cyril Nichols, Wiltchers Hotel Brussels on Jesus and Natives paper to P [sic] W Purdy Woodgate: Not going up to college again (general exam was fiasco) Learning music. Long to row again don't you? Mentions Swanston, Arthur Gray, Holley and Beasley. nd stamped Oct 1898.

Part 6

Envelope of marked test papers for Thomas Woods Purdy law finals (found in Purdy & Holley office). Dec 1899-Jan 1900

Part 7

Letter from Charles N Spencer [OH] from Belmont Beckenham to Woodgate: returned from Florence and Venice and painting on the Riviera. To meet in London. Bad news on stock exchange. Mar 28 1898.
Letter from Charles N Spencer from The Hawaiian Hotel Honolulu: describes trip through America and meeting in New York with C.J.M who did not seem to recognise him, and his wife. Hopes to go on to Japan. 3 Aug 1899.
Two letters from Arthur Gray, Jesus College Cambridge to Purdy 183 Kings Rd, Camden Town: He has £8 17s in his account. Has passed letter on to Mr Watts re taking LLB degree. 8 Jan and 21 Feb 1900.
Two letters from A L B Lefroy [OH] to Tom at Kings Road, Camden Town from Co Tipperary 7 Jan 1900 and 7 Cumberland House Kensington Court (uncle's house) 28 Jan 1900. Sending photo. He sails next week. Jan 1900.
Letter from John C Watts Jesus College Cambridge, praelector in envelope dated Dec 1899 forwarded to Camden Town: Purdy could enter for LLM (without doing LLB) having passed solicitors' final, by writing dissertation. Encloses particulars. Talks of rowing but 'the War takes up all my thoughts. I wish the pessimistic or pro-Boer 'Daily Mail' could be suppressed. It is dreadful to ...hear such awful reports. One always fancies there may be truth in them. I avoid the Rag like poison but the men always let me know its sayings.' 22 Feb 1900.
Letter from F Oddin Taylor, St Ethelbert's Norwich to Purdy at Aylsham: congratulations on honours in second division. Taylor has just been made President of his local Law Society. 26 Feb 1900.
Letter from Charles N Spencer from Belmont Beckenham: about to be married on Thursday by registrar. Best to Mr Vaughan if still with you. With address card for Margaret M Wilson and Charles Spencer, 49 Roland Gdns S Kensington. [Matthew Vaughan a master at Haileybury.] 26 Dec 1900.
Letter from J Wilson Gilbert, The Lodge Cringleford Norwich to Purdie [sic] Aylsham: re Purdy taking over Clerkship to the Justices and what Mr Forster's views are on Purdy's succeeding him. Should be settled now rather than the last minute. [Probably John Wilson Gilbert solicitor and Clerk of the Peace of Norwich.] 26 May 1901.

Part 8

Address book 'Woodgate 23 Feb 1900'

Part 9

Letter from George Hunt Holley, Brunswick West Australia to Purdy at Woodgate; recalls drunken tales from college; gossip about why he left for Australia; Cecil Cawston; Joe Mills; he is not married yet but bets a dinner Purdy ' you spoony old Adonis' will be first. He is travelling but the colonials are very boastful of their war efforts. Sorry Purdy's business is slow but old people have to die. Suggests he sells up and comes to join him. Will return via America at end of year. [Purdy's great friend from Haileybury and Jesus College: George and his brother Edward were born in Sydney, but were of the Aylsham Hunt Holley family who built Blickling Lodge . George became a rector; Edward was solicitor at Stowmarket where Thomas Woods Purdy worked in 1899-1900. Edward Hunt Holley went to Foulsham and then Aylsham to join Purdy by 1909.] 30 Mar 1901.
Letter from Charles N Spencer from California USA: Christmas wishes; may be home in spring. In a cottage near San Francisco. PS that his wife has given birth to a boy. 6 Dec 1902.
Letter from Bea [Mowat] Handsworth Rectory to Tom at Woodgate; thanks for his congratulations; appreciate his good wishes more than she can say. Martin sends love. Tom is depressed. Offers her friendship ; she has forgiven and forgotten long ago. Goodbye and many thanks. 11 Apr 1907.
Two letters in one envelope from George Hunt Holley, Collie, Western Australia to Woodgate: 20 July 1901 Not coming back until April via China, Japan and Canada;26 July 1901 church and politics; royal visit; stayed with brother who makes a fair red wine; poor old Dan Legge; Boers ought to be hung drawn and quartered; have you seen Edward recently, he is expecting an infant. Jul 1901.
Letter from George Hunt Holley, Collie, Western Australia; would like to have seen Jock Kennedy, being spoilt is fate of ' tolerably good looking young officers' Even Purdy since becoming a Lt in the volunteers thinks every girl is dying of love for him. So BM [Bea] is married to Gadsden, any fond regrets? Staying with my brother before sailing. How are prospects in Aylsham? 26 Oct 1901.
Letter from George Hunt Holley, Brunswick, Western Australia to Woodgate: busy helping brother with harvest. 2 Nov 1901.

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