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Jerningham Collection


  • 1282-1925 (Creación)

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369 files

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Received by the Norfolk Record Office in 1963 and 1970 (MS 21955 numbered JER 1-234) and 1922 (MS 12090 numbered JER 235-369). Listed 1985-1986.

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Costessey Manorial:

Court Rolls, JER 1-4
Court Books, JER 5-50
Court Minutes, JER 51-83
Court Book abridgements and abstracts of admissions, JER 84-88
Court Roll and Court Book extracts, JER 89-95
Court files, presentments, and verdicts, JER 96-99
Suit rolls, JER 100-101
Extents and rentals, JER 102-109
Quit rentals, JER 110-147
Manor accounts, JER 148
Leet books, JER 149-158
Court estreats and fine books, JER 159-162
Miscellaneous manorial papers, JER 163-170

Estate, Costessey and elsewhere:

Bailiffs accounts, including the accounts of shepherds, swankeepers, and other officials in some cases, JER 171-197
Heyward's accounts, JER 198-208
Minor estate accounts and extracts, JER 209-219
Household accounts, JER 220-226
Suit papers, JER 227-231
Miscellaneous estate papers, JER 233
Miscellaneous, JER 234

Donation by Sir Henry Jerningham, bt, 1922:

Deeds and grants, JER 235-257
Manorial and administrative, JER 258-305
Correspondence, JER 306-367
Original document folders, JER 368-369

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The various forms of the name Jerningham/Jernegan found in the documents have been left unaltered. All dates are New Style.
Number not used- JER 232

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Account of cash received by George Crooke for the use of Sir George Jernegan, 5th bt, commencing 20 September 1737 (1 gathering) MS 20124, 38C3.
Account book of Sir George Jernegan, 5th bt, 1739-1748 (1 gathering) MS 20125, 38C3.
Journal of a tour by George William Jerningham, 8th baron Stafford, and several members of his family (written by his son Edward Jerningham), [19th century] (East coast of Great Britain, Scottish mainland) (1 volume) MS 365.
Pocket book of Sir Francis Jerningham (1650-1730), 1713, see MC 1556/1, 815X4.
Costessey estate labour accounts, 1877, see MC 1961/1, 896X5.
Bargain and Sale from Jerningham, Esq., to Edward Pytt, Esq., of the site of the capital messuage or farm called Ivington with Ivington Park, Ivington Mills, custom silver and tithe charges in Ivington and elsewhere and on a free tenement called Redinge place and Westharnes in Leominster, Herefordshire, granted by Queen Mary to Sir Henry Jerningham and his wife Frances in 1555. Also includes interest in stock, with descriptions and values. (This property was leased by Sir Henry and Dame Frances Jerningham in 1555 for a term of ninety-nine years to James Warner, Esq., of Ivington), 1581 (1 parchment) MS 21650, 502X9.

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