Jarrold and Sons Ltd, Printers, publishers and retailers of Norwich Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
JLD 3/2/72-81 Paper receipts and issues registers Sub-sub-series 1978-1991
JLD 3/2/74, Box 236 Clients G to L File 1982-1991
JLD 3/2/88, Box 252 Keyboards accent book File nd [20th century]
JLD 3/2/89, Box 252 Jarrold process colour charts book File 1980
JLD 3/2/95, Box 252 Jarrold paper samples book File nd [mid 20th century-late 20th century]
JLD 3/2/98, Box 375 Patent Specification for Apparatus for Photographic Copying by Means of a Laser File 13 Dec 1967
JLD 3/2/104, Box 376 Blank apprenticeship deed File nd [mid 20th century]
JLD 3/2/108, Box 376 Advertisement for printing services File nd [late 19th century-early 20th century]
JLD 3/2/110, Box 361 Advertisement pack for election stationery, with poster File nd [early 20th century]
JLD 3/2/120, Box 245 Printing brochure File nd [c 1985]
JLD 3/2/123, Box 393 Plant list File Jun 1988
JLD 3/2/126, Box 245 Printing brochure File nd [c 1998]
JLD 3/2/128, Box 354 Jarrold Printing brochure and plant list, in branded folder File 1991
JLD 3/2/134, Box 245 The Lithoprinter magazine with 'Colour by litho at Norwich' article File Sep 1966
JLD 3/2/136, Box 245 'Business' journal, featuring 'Norwich Goes to Print' article on Jarrold Printing File Oct 1989
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