File AUD 19/2/92, DSD24 - Interview of Mrs Patterson regarding tourism industry

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AUD 19/2/92, DSD24


Interview of Mrs Patterson regarding tourism industry


  • 22 Feb 2007 (Produção)

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Subjects covered include working life and leisure and tourism. Places mentioned include Great Yarmouth.

00:00-05:00 - Unnamed female interviewer introduces Mrs Patterson (hereafter MP). MP explains why she became a seaside landlady, becoming lonely after moving to Gorleston without her husband. She describes obtaining the guest house on Wellesley Road in 1965. She and a man in the background called David, possibly her son, explains their moves between different guest houses, mentioning Rhonadean and Sea Croft. She mentions her first husband's death and re-marrying and her second husband's death. The interviewer asks about her first guest house's facilities. MP describes them and mentions the shortage of hot water.

05:01-10:00 - MP continues describing the running of her first guest house in the 1960s, focussing on food arrangements. David mentions Goblin puddings and MP describes gathering fresh fruit and the difference freezers have made. She describes the breakfasts and how late she went to bed. The interviewer asks about advertising and MP lists the papers. She remembers specific guests. MP describes her summer season, mentioning the different groups of people who'd visit. MP describes where she lived in her first guest house, David mentions sleeping in the shed.

10:01-15:00 - They discuss the change in size moving to Rhonadean. MP describes its facilities. She recalls her husband delivering tea before breakfast. David mentions the bar, the interviewer asks about lounges and they mention colour television. MP explains how guests used the bar at Rhonadean. She mentions schoolboys visiting on Saturdays. The interviewer asks about family life and MP and David discuss it and MP describes what other family members' careers.

15:01-20:00 - MP continues talking about other family members who took over Rhonadean, and she and David describe the facilities at Sea Croft. MP mentions the cooking and linen arrangements. The interviewer asks about regular guests and MP describes having to explain her husband's death to the guests. David explains that he is still in contact with some guests and MP explains why older people like Yarmouth. MP explains she enjoyed all the work. She tells anecdotes about a leak, about David dropping fish and chips and a waitress falling with a trifle.

20:01-:25:00 - David mentions the Pink Elephant Club and MP describes it as a group of about fifty people who met all through the winter, going on trips and playing games. She mentions the Guest House and Hotelier's Ball at The Ocean Rooms. She lists other members of the Pink Elephant Club. David mentions price wars between Guest House owners. MP explains the effect of international holidays and caravans on local business. She recalls implementing the fire regulations. She mentions staff problems.

25:01-30:00 - The interviewer asks about holidays and MP describes visiting her sister in St Leonards, going abroad. She describes the scooter boys and rugby boys. MP explains relationships between the landladies, mentioning New Years Eve celebrations and free theatre tickets. MP and David explain that all their guest houses are still in business.

30:01-end - They continue discussing the continued business of the guest houses. MP explains the requirements for registering with the guest house association.

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Great Yarmouth Museums MD 162, tracks 1-8 (disc mode - MD (ATRAC); recording mode - monaural; number of channels - mono).

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SCOP 1/869, SCOP 2/879. Ecopy: scop_001-000869T001V001.wma.

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