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Miscellaneous Title Deeds and Papers: part 2

This section contains groups of deeds, wills, and some miscellaneous papers arranged by H.L. Bradfer-Lawrence in series, and numbered by him. Gaps in the numbering indicate where he abstracted deeds for other series. Some have been renumbered in BL/CS and BL/DX. What survives in these groups is highly miscellaneous and the arrangement is random. Fuller details of many of these deeds are to be found in Bradfer-Lawrence's own typescript catalogues, see BL/LW 3/1B-4. These catalogues also contain some information about provenance.

Bromehill [Augustinian] Priory Estates title deeds

Medieval title deeds relating to estates in both Norfolk and Suffolk given or sold to the Priory in the thirteenth century, the majority of which, however, relate to priory lands in Ickworth, Suffolk In addition, there is one deed relating to land in Bourn, Cambridgeshire which was granted to the Augustinian priory of Barnwell in Chesterton, Cambridge, and also two deeds relating to an estate in Diseworth, north Leicestershire. The latter's connection with Bromhill Priory is uncertain, but the Bromhill, Bourn and Diseworth estates were all granted to Christ's College, Cambridge at various dates after the suppression of the monasteries in the first half of the sixthteenth century.
Most of the deeds have been identified, in red ink on the dorse, by the name of their parish or vil and also, where necessary, by a number (e.g. Ickewrth II). Presumably, these references relate to a register or cartulary created by the priory. Many of them are endorsed with thirteenth, or early fourteenth, century summary descriptions of the grantor and the estate, and are also endorsed with a later (probably eighteenth century) ?antiquary's summary of their contents. In the case of the Diseworth deeds, the later descriptions misidentify Diseworth as Ickworth.

Bromehill Priory; c 1200-1528; austin canons; Weeting, Norfolk

Miscellaneous Title Deeds and Papers: part 1

This section contains groups of deeds, wills and miscellaneous papers acquired by H.L. Bradfer-Lawrence from E.M. Beloe, C.T. Ives, and many local solicitors, and was numbered by him. Gaps in the numbering indicate where he abstracted deeds for other series, and what survives in these groups is highly miscellaneous and the arrangement is random. The catalogue was made by Bradfer-Lawrence himself and is contained in BL/LW 3/1A-B.

Papers of the Browne family of Poringland, etc.

Browne family title deeds and related papers
Wills, settlements and bonds of the Browne family of Poringland
Papers of Thomas Browne as secretary to the Bishop of Norwich
Miscellaneous Browne papers

Old Foundation

Listed as follows:

DCN 1 Obedientiary Rolls
DCN 2 Dependent Cells and Hospital
DCN 3 Inventories of Cells, Manors, Carnary Chapel
DCN 4 Chantries, Foundations and Accounts
DCN 5 First Fruits
DCN 6 Ecclesiastical Taxation
DCN 7 Lay Taxation, The Ninth of 1297
DCN 8 Lay Taxation, Feudal Aids
DCN 9 Miscellaneous Financial Records


Court rolls, 1257-1798, including market court roll, 1428-1469, court papers, 1763-1800, bailiffs' accounts, 1302-1646, and rentals, surveys and extents, 1314-1803, including a list of Hingham Market and Forehoe freeholders, 14th century.

Hingham Manor; 1189-1925; Hingham, Norfolk

Barnham Broom Estate

Deeds relating to Barnham Broom, etc. (6 parcels), No. 1600-1661
Deeds relating to Hawteyn's Manor
File of Bonds and Receipts, 1509-1510, No. 1662
Case - The Attorney-General, the Mayor, etc., vs the Executors of Richard Ireland, 1692, No. 1663
Conveyance of the Mill to William Pigg by the City, 29 Sep 1717, No. 1664
Miscellaneous papers, 18th century, No. 1665

Boy's Hospital: Foundation charter, title deeds and accounts

Founded in 1628 according to the provisions of the will of Alderman Thomas Anguish
Foundation Charter, 28 Nov 1628, No. 1362
Conveyance of Barton Bury Hall to the City by Augustine Sotherton, 1645, No. 1363-1368
Deeds relating to Barton Bury Hall, No. 1369-1391
Papers relating to the Boys' Hospital, No. 1392
Small Accounts - Boys' Hospital, 1817-1818, No. 1393
Deeds relating to Alburgh, No. 1394-1406
Wards Title Deeds - Alburgh, No. 1407-1418
Rowse's Title Deeds - Alburgh, No. 1419-1428
Deeds relating to Little Melton. Bond of Anne widow of Hamond Thurston , 1618-1619
Bond of Anne, widow of Thomas Anguish, 1662
Admission of John Rouse in the manor of Studhaughe in Fersfield, 1620
Surrenders and admissions - Alburgh Rectory, No. 1430
Surrenders and admissions - Redenhall Tendale's, No. 1431
Surrenders and admissions Redenhall cum Membris, No. 1432
Admission of the Trustees to land at Redenhall, 1803, No. 1433
Conveyance of an Estate in Alburgh to the City by Lany Rouse, 1630, No. 1434-1437
Papers and writings relating to the same, No. 1438, No. 1439-1460
Deeds relating to Little Melton and Licence of alienation for John Flowerdew and others from Queen Elizabeth, 1575, No. 1461-1464
Conveyance of an estate in Great Melton to the city by Thomas Anguish and wife, 1617, No. 1465-1469
Conveyance of an estate in Shipdham to William Barneham by William Bullock and the title deeds, 1654, No. 1470-1486
Conveyance of an estate in Shipdham to the City by Upcroft and Wysse and the title deeds, 1636, 1641, No. 1487-1502
Conveyance of an estate in Shipdham to the City by James Blanch and the title deeds, 1651, No. 1503-1509
Fine - The Mayor, etc. plaintiffs, Francis Mapes and others, deforciants - lands in East Dereham, 1623, No. 1510
Admission at Manor Court of John Payne - almost illegible, 1700, No. 1511
Fine - Augustine Briggs, plaintiff, John Kensey and other, defendants, lands in Swardeston and East Carleton, 1654, No. 1512
A deed relating to the same towns, 1509, No. 1513

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