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Borough Surveyor and Engineer

KL/SE 1: Plans and Drawings (1853 - 1975)

KL/SE 2: Deposited (building control) plans and registers (1883 - 1974)

KL/SE 3: Maps for and by the Borough Surveyor (19th-20th century)

King's Lynn Borough, Surveyor; c1872-1974; King's Lynn, Norfolk


C/Saa 1 Records of Gaol Committee and Visiting Justices
C/Saa 2 Castle Gaol, Shirehall Maintenance etc.
C/Saa 3 Norwich Shirehall, Swaffham Courthouse and Bridewell, Walsingham Bridewell
C/Saa 4 Bridges
C/Saa 5 Police
C/Saa 6 Lunatics:
C/Saa 6/1 Pauper Lunatics
C/Saa 6/2 Norfolk Lunatic Asylum
C/Saa 6/3 Private Lunatic Asylums
C/Saa 7/1 Militia Depot Plans
C/Saa 7/2 Weights and Measures: Forfeitures


C/Sba 1 General Accounts
C/Sba 2 Special Accounts:
C/Sba 2/1 Bridges
C/Sba 2/2 Maimed Soldiers and Mariners
C/Sba 2/3 Passing of Vagrants
C/Sba 2/4 Norwich Castle Gaol
C/Sba 2/5 King's Bench and Marshalcy
C/Sbb 1 County Rates

Management Sub-Committee Minutes

These minutes relate to each establishment under the control of Norfolk County Council Welfare Committee. They comprised County Homes and Old People's Homes and some were formerly workhouses The various Management Committees reported to the Welfare Committee. Following the National Assistance Act of 1948 a report of the Public Health and Assistance Committee of 3 July 1948 recommended that: 1) a separate committee, 'The Welfare Committee', reporting directly to the County Council, be appointed and 2) management sub-committees be appointed for the management of each establishment under the control of the Welfare Committee.

Norfolk County Council; 1889-

Social Services Committee

Sub-committee minutes. On 24 October 1970 the Joint Committee on the Local Authority Social Services Act, 1970 suggested that six social services areas be formed to coincide with the six existing local health areas. In view of the impending reorganisation of local government this arrangement was only to be regarded as temporary.

Union of 1836

Minute Books; Draft Minute Books; Ledgers; Parochial Ledgers; Chaplain's Books; Overseers Account Book; Workhouse Punishment Book; Garden and Pig Account Book; Superannuation Service Registers; Estimate Book; Valuation Lists; Treasurer's Accounts; and Vaccination Registers.

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