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Dickerson, Paul

This section contains records, including photographs and an audio recording, relating to Paul Dickerson's service with Cecil Isom's crew and particularly to a mission to Kassel, Germany, 27 September 1944. 1st Lt Cecil J. Isom flew his 30th and final to Kassel, Germany. During the mission to Kassel, Germany, on 27 September 1944, the 445th Bomb Group was attacked by a large number of German fighters and many crews were killed.

Paul M. Dickerson; 1923-; USAAF airman; Waco, Texas, USA

Kane, William P.

This section contains William P. Kane's 'Goldfish Club' memorabila and a photograph of the 701st Bomb Squadron patch.
William P. Kane, served as a pilot in the 703rd Bomb Squadron. While returning from a bombing mission to Mannheim, Germany, he was forced to ditch in the English Channel. Four crew members were killed and two were seriously injured and the remainder suffered minor injuries. Those who avoided death at sea by the deployment of an emergency dinghy were awarded membership of the 'Goldfish Club' and received a membership card and fabric patch (depicting two waves and an upside down fish with wings).

William P. Kane; fl 1941-1945; USAAF airman; USA

Recording of unnamed Norfolk resident, possibly made by Peter Stimpson

Two recordings, each in two parts, of unnamed male, possible surname of Barney/Barno speaking about his experience as a groundsman at various American airbases in Norfolk. Full name not given. At the end of the second recording, reference MC 376/119/2/1, there are comments by Peter Stimpson. For access details and content descriptions, see MC 376/119/1/1 and MC 376/119/1/2 for first recording; and MC 376/119/2/1 and MC 376/119/2/2 for second recording.

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