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Hustings rolls

Records of the Hustings courts held on Mondays before the Mayor in the Guildhall to hear pleas of debt, trespass, and assault.

Court Leet records

The records are mainly in Latin until 1624. The Court Leet strictly belonged to the Bishop, and later to the King, as Lord of the Manor, but was leased to the Mayor and burgesses.

Commissions of the Peace

Letters patent appointing Justices of the Peace, 1412 and 1836-7. The Commission of the Peace, 1834, which became estranged from the borough archives, is available separately as KL/D3/1.

Sessions minutes

Quarter Sessions minute books, 1620-1680, 1729-1815 and 1826-1865, with files, 1689 and 1693. The books from 1729 onwards are drafts for the Sessions books. The references allocated to the documents in 1866-68 by Henry Harrod are given in square brackets. Minutes, 1685-1686 and 1815-1826, which became estranged from the borough archives, are available separately as KL/D3/2 and 3.

Declarations and Oaths of Officers under Acts of Parliaments

The declarations and oaths given by officers of the Corporation (mayors, alderman etc.), recording their name, position they were entering and the date.

These oaths were taken and recorded due to the Sacramental Test Act in 1828, a copy of which is at the start of KL/TC 15/1. It allows an oath to be taken instead of receiving communion. It still requires the person taking the oath to declare upon the 'True Christian Faith' and not to weaken the Protestant Church.

This was replaced in 1868 by the Promissory Oaths Act, and subsequent acts. This oath simply required the person to swear allegiance to Queen Victoria and her successors according to the law.

Schemes and instruments for the management of schools

Instruments of management, Instruments of government and other school orders. Covers the Technical Institute, West Norfolk and King's Lynn High School for Girls, King Edward VII Grammar School, St Nicholas Old Church of England School and Gaywood Park Modern Secondary

King's Lynn Borough, Town Clerk's Department; ?-1974; King's Lynn, Norfolk

Reports to committees

Reports compiled by the Town Clerk from extracts of the Hall Books and other Borough Records. These reports cite precedent and passages to prove ownership or rights that were being contested. Most have annotations and corrections.

Council agenda

Agenda for Council meetings, with printed, unsigned, minutes of Committees to be considered at Council from 1888. The annual volumes, 1888-1893, are labelled 'Committee Room'.

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