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Additional Norfolk and elsewhere title deeds collected by Adrian H. Head

  • ACC 2022/57
  • Temporary
  • 1405-c 1875

Includes title to properties in King Lynn and South Lynn, Wiggenhall St Mary, Hingham and in Burnham Westgate, Norfolk. Also includes deeds to properties in Eton, Berkshire; Boreham (with several 15th C deeds), Toppesfield , Southminster and Theydon Bois in Essex; Withington and Charlton Abbotts, Gloucestershire; Alvestoke in Gosport, Liss and Bishop's Waltham, Hampshire; Much Hadham, Herts; Littlebourne, Kent; St Giles in the Fields and elsewhere in Middlesex, with partnership articles of Cook and Spavin of London, tea-dealers, 1837; Wardington, Oxon; Cheddleton, Staffs; St Clement's parish, Ipswich, Suffolk; Kenilworth, Warwickshire; Kirkburton, West Yorks and deeds re bushland in Canterbury Province, New Zealand (Dampnier family), 1836-1880. Also includes clergy papers of Samuel Bennett of Gt Wakering, Essex and Walton on the Hill, Surrey, and a pocket book of housekeeping and farming accounts in Little Shelford, Cambs, possibly connected to William Bradley and a Mrs King, 1828-1832.
Though roughly sorted into county bundles, it is likely that two or more of these bundles will relate to each other. More detailed work, identifying the chronological sequence of the parties to the deeds would be needed to establish any such links before any deeds are transferred to other repositories.

Adrian Herbert Head; 1923-2012; barrister, Norfolk circuit judge; Burnham Overy, Norfolk

Title deeds to a house, 35 Sandringham Road (formerly Denmark Road), Norwich

  • MC 3612, 1078X6
  • Fonds
  • 1887-1952

In 1855, the Bishop of Norwich and the Church Commissioners, traditional lords of the manor of Heigham, sold lands in the Hamlet of Heigham (tithe plan numbers 393, 393a, 394-396 and 399) to John Norgate of Heigham merchant. By Norgate’s will, proved Dec 1871, he bequeathed all his estate to his wife, Mary A Norgate. After several mortgages over the course of the 1870s, part (containing 119r 18yds and bounded to the north by a new road then called Denmark Road) of the then mortgaged estate was conveyed in 1880 to a builder/developer, James Youngs of Heigham for £627. Detailed building and occupiership covenants are recorded in an additional abstract of title dated 1887.
Youngs eventually built 12 messuages in Denmark Road, re-mortgaging as necessity required, and when he died in 1887, his son and executor, John Youngs with his mortgagees sold off his estates in this and nearby roads, houses nos 35 and 37 Denmark Road being sold to the tenant of 37, Henry Robertson. In 1893, the still mortgaged house, no. 35 was conveyed to George Tuck, who continued to use it as security against further borrowing. By the time of another mortgage deed of 1899, the road had been renamed as Sandringham Road. Tuck’s representatives sold the house to its tenant, Herbert Smith, and one year later, he conveyed it to a local police inspector, Walter Valentine Crome. He lived there until his death in 1934 and in his will, he left it to his widow, Beatrice F. Crome, whose own will appointed Benjamin Holmes her sole heir and executor. In 1952, she died, leaving the house in the possession of Holmes.
Documents include three abstracts of title covering the years, 1855-1952, and sale particulars of the Youngs’ estate in Denmark Road, Stafford Street and St Philip’s Road, 1887.

Benjamin Holmes; 1890-c 1960; Norwich

Deeds relating to Property in St Peter Parmentergate, Norwich

  • MC 3613, 1078X7
  • Fonds
  • 1766-1826

Conveyed by John and Elizabeth Ivory to Daniel Dyson in 1766, by Daniel's son Joseph Dison (or Dyson) to trustees for Ann Astley 1772, by the trustees to Henry Gridley 1792 and by Gridley to Henry Green in 1825. The property is described in 1766 as a messuage, tenement or dwelling house and dying office (now occupied by Dyson); a wash house and chamber above it adjoining the house; a wash house adjoining the dying office at the north end; and various small pieces of land adjoining, with a right of way from the house through Robert Leggett's yard to Rose Lane. With mortgages and associated deeds 1766-1826, and abstract of title for 1649-1824 [compiled c 1824]. Also includes sale particular regarding a dwelling house of 12 rooms near Rose Lane in St Peter Parmentergate parish, and two large stables and a chaise house adjoining the dwelling house, 1825. The sale particular is annotated with an agreement by James Sillett, drawing master [1764-1840, Norwich artist] to purchase from Henry Green.

Robert Harcourt; 1920-1970; Norwich, Norfolk

Demise or lease for 1000 years from Richard Benson of Pudding Norton, gent. to Nicholas Yarham of Hempton, carpenter

Of 4a of land in the fields of Hempton, next to 7 rods belonging to Richard Burgeis to the west and the northern head of which abuts in part a close of the said Richard Burgeis and in part on the corner of a close called Hempes Close, and, at the eastern end of which, there is a pit, and which abuts south on Kendale Way.
For the annual rent of 8d, payable at the feasts of Michaelmas and the Annunciation of the BVM

Grant by Michael Gymer clerk to John Stone clerk, John Thory clerk, Henry Paynett clerk, Thomas Wadnowe of Hempton and his son, Thomas Wadnowe

Of one messuage with two closes in Hempton with 30a of arable land [in diverse pieces] in the towns and fields of Hempton, Shereford, Toftrees and Pudding Norton, as appears in a charter of feoffment of Edward Ive of Guestwick, Thomas Brodlok of Foulsham and John Capron of Thurning.

Which said messuage lies between the close called P[ar]trykkysyard to the east and Hempton Common to the west, and abuts on the common pasture of Hempton to the south and on the highway to the north.
The first close is called P[ar]trykkysyard and the second is called Maskysyard.

All which said premises, Gymere had by the grant of Thomas Dene of Hempton and Robert Grey of Little Walsingham dated 12 Dec, 21 Hen VII [1505].

And also all those messuages and lands which Gymer had of John Broun, son of Robert Broun of Hempton, and which John Broun granted to John Person of Pudding Norton, John Norton of South Raynham, Robert Hervy of Great Ryburgh and John Fawell of Testerton by his charter dated 4 March 1 Hen VII [1486], 12d annual rent payable to the Earl of Oxford at Pentecost, Michaelmas and at the Purification of the PVM in [equal] portions.
Dated at Hempton 10 April, 22 Hen VII

Grant by William Cresy of Shirford [Shereford], son of Thomas Cresy, to John Harebotyll of Hempton, his wife Rose, Edmund Smythe and John Ede, both of Hempton, with also the appointment of William’s attorney, Thomas Hatton of Shereford to deliver seisin (in the above premises) to John and Rose Harebotyll with Edmund Smythe.

Of half an acre of arable land at Merketgate between land of John Webster to the west, land of Oliver Davy to the east and abutting on the highway called M[er]ketgate to the north
Which half-acre, William, with his father Thomas had by the feoffment of William Stevyn and his wife Cecily of Shereford and which was dated at Shereford in the feast of St Lucy the Virgin 16 Hen VI [13 Dec 1437].

Grant by Richard Smyth of Hempton to Edmund Halle of Raynham and Walter Gardolf of Hempton

Of one messuage and one piece of arable land in Hempton, which messuage was purchased from Thomas Oxwyk and his wife Joan, and which lies between the highway to the east and the tenement of Thomas de Lexham to the west, and abuts south on the highway from Hempton to Shereford and on the tenement formerly of John Abraham to the north, and the piece of land lies at Kendales next the common way from Hempton to Walsingham to the east and abuts on Hempton priory land to the south and on the common way in the field of Hempton to the north
Dated at Hempton on the Friday after the feast of St Andrew apostle, 14 Hen IV

Feoffment by Henry [Fermour], gent., his brother John Fermo[u]r and Richard Hooke to Geoffrey Robynes of Fakenham and to Thomas Ely of Hempton

Of a messuage called Le Cokke [in Hempton] lying between the messuage of Ambrose Ede clerk, and of Roger Toneshend kt to the south, a common way leading from Shereford to Fakenham to the north, and abutting east on the common way leading from London to Walsingham
Which said messuage they, along with John Rose of Toftes, now deceased, had acquired by the gift by charter of Rose Cheryd widow, Ralph Dey and John Porter.

Grant of William Fermour kt to Margaret West of Hempton, widow.

Messuage in Hempton callled le Cok lying between the messuage of Roger Touneshend kt to the south and the common way to the parish church of Hempton to the north and which abutts the highway to the east and of land of the said William to the west, which said messuage descended by inheritance upon the death of William's father, Henry Fermour kt, and which he had by the gift by charter, dated 9 Sep 1531, from James Smyth of Hempton and of John Newman of Birston [Briston]
To Margaret for her natural life, and afterwards, to the intentions of her will.
Dated 16 Oct 35 Hen VIII.

Grant by Richard, prior of St Stephen in Hempton, to Thomas Qhwyn of Hempton, William Smyth, Edmund Hervy, Adam Doraunt, Edmund Esthalle all of Hempton and to all the townsfolk of Hempton

Of a parcel of a fishery in the priory’s water in Hempton extending from their close called Bromyerd in Hempton to Shurfordlond to the west, with Hempton Common on both parts
Providing that neither Thomas, etc. nor any of the townsfolk fish with nets called ‘Dragges’ or ‘Wernettes’, nor with ‘lepes’ called Dobeldames, nor place canvases [canabum] so as to damage the said fishery
Winesses listed
Dated at Hempton on Sunday next before the feast of St Barnabas apostle, 9 Hen VI

Feoffment of John Dam and John Townesend to John Robbardes of Hempton, Alice, his wife, Nicholas Lexham of Dunton and Humfrey Lexham of Little Walsingham.

Messuage between the curtilage of Robert Meryman to the north and the common way to the south and abutting west on the highway from Hempton to Walsingham, with three pieces of land in the fields of Hempton and Toftes (abuttals described with references to Longlond and Briggegate). Which said premises were had by the feoffment, dated 21 Oct 1446, of Robert Brou[n] of Hempton. Witnesses listed.
Dated at Hempton 10 June 29 Hen VI

Papers relating to Castle Acre, Norfolk

  • ACC 2021/227
  • Temporary
  • 1923-1958

Handwritten notes by Francis G. Highe 'Some curious customs connected with churches and churchyards'nd [? 1924] (1 file). Photocopies of deeds re house and butcher's shop in Bailey Street, Castle Acre, originals (includes abstracts of title, one party in the 1929 deed is Gertrude Highe) 1923-1931, and the Red Lion, Castle Acre, with adjoining house and shop, 1958, with abstract of title 1935. Photocopies undated [late 20th century].
'Castleacre Pageant July 1927' (printed).

Mary-Anne Garry; fl 1980s-; Castle Acre, Norfolk

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