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King's Lynn Unreformed Corporation

Unreformed Corporation (before 1835) (KL/C)

Including series of records which continued unbroken after the Municipal Corporations Act.

KL/C 1/1-11: Archive lists, 1732-1887

KL/C 2/1-62: Royal charters and letters patent, 1204-1737

KL/C 3/1-7: Royal letters close and privy seal writs, 1327-1495

KL/C 4/1-17: Episcopal and other non-royal charters, formal letters and agreements, 1204-1609

KL/C 5/1-4: Guild merchant of the Holy Trinity:minutes, 13th-16th centuries

KL/C 6/1-6: Hall rolls, 1385-1422

KL/C 7/1-31: Hall books, 1372-3 and 1422-1902

KL/C 8/1-48: Hall, Committee, and statutory Commissioners' minutes, 1730-1866

KL/C 9/1-29: Freemen and apprenticeships, 1440-1868; honorary freemen, 1901-1969

KL/C 10/1-29: Red Register, Asshebourne's book, enrolled charters, deeds, precedents etc., c 1300-1924

KL/C 11/1-28: Enrolled private deeds, 1571-1881

KL/C 12/1-16: Enrolled and deposited wills, 1276-1751

KL/C 13/1: Assize of bread, 1296-1298

KL/C 14/1: Coroner's inquests, 1302-1305

KL/C 15/1-2: Constables' inquisitions, 1309, 1314

KL/C 16/1-2: Hustings rolls, 1334-1335 and 1349

KL/C 17/1-41: Leet rolls and books, 1309-1871

KL/C 18/1: Gaol delivery roll, 1455

KL/C 19/1-3: Commissions of the Peace, 1412 and 1836-7

KL/C 20/1-12: Quarter Sessions books, 1726-1957

KL/C 21/1-28: Quarter Sessions minutes, 1620-1865

KL/C 22/1-286 and unnumbered: Oath rolls, 1689-1847, and sessions files, 1841-1971

KL/C 23/1-33: Sessions presentments, formularies, estreats and miscellaneous papers, 1558-1957

KL/C 24/1-3: Petty Sessions books, 1794-1808

KL/C 25/1-44: Guildhall Court books, 1591-1842

KL/C 26/1-43:Guildhall Court plaint books, 1658-1846

KL/C 27/1-33: Guildhall Court papers (miscellaneous) and rules, 1657-1846

KL/C 28/1-14: Court of Requests minutes and papers, 1770-1846

KL/C 29/1: Court of Pie Powder minutes, 1618-1657

KL/C 30/1-17: Court of Admiralty court books, 1734-1835, and papers, 1604-1830

KL/C 31/1: Tolbooth Court orders, 1587

KL/C 32/1-3: Corporation officers' oath rolls, 1580, 1770 and 1828

KL/C 32 /1-2: Appointments of High Stewards, 1665 and 1792

KL/C 34/1-18: Returns of election of Members of Parliament, 1313 and 1701-1815

KL/C 35/1-72: Mayoral indentures of loan of corporation plate, 1346/7 and 1609-1815

KL/C 36/1-266: Appointments of Corporation officers, 1296 and 1623-1841

KL/C 37/1-7: Tallage rolls, 1292-1357

KL/C 38/1-31: Holy Trinity Guild account rolls, 1373-1509

KL/C 39/1-241: Chamberlains' accounts, 1319-1835

KL/C 40/1-7: Auditors' statements of revenue and expenditure, 1829-1835

KL/C 41/1-33: Chamberlains' cash books and vouchers, 1727-1832

KL/C 42/1-2: Treasurers' accounts, 1685-1835

KL/C 43/1-12: Other officers' accounts, 1413-1750

KL/C 44/2-128: Accounts of tolls, dues and water rents, 1557-1852

KL/C 45/1-28: Miscellaneous accounts, 1569-1823

KL/C 46/1-73: Accounts with Exchequer, 1351-1807

KL/C 47/1-46: Tax assessments, c. 1785-1705

KL/C 48/1-13: Surveys, terriers and rentals, c. 1279-1809

KL/C 49/1-13: Manor of King's Lynn rentals, 1575-1849

KL/C 50/1-664 and draft lists: Corporation estates: title deeds, c. 1280-1833

KL/C 51/1-153 and draft lists: Corporation estates: leases, 1571-1811

KL/C 52/1-9: Corporation estates: registers of leases, 1553-1853

KL/C 53/1-51: Ferry rights: deeds and papers, 1286-1924

KL/C 54/ interim list: Snettisham estate: deeds and estate papers, c.1290-1909

KL/C 55/ interim list: Fitton Farm estate: deeds and papers, 1481-1866

KL/C 56/1-42: Gaywood Hospital deeds and estate papers, 13th century-1865

KL/C 57/ interim list (Gd): Religious gild records, early 13th century-1537

KL/C 58/1-45: Grammar School and related charities: deeds and papers, 1408-1921

KL/C 59/1-39: St Margaret with St Nicholas church and parish records, 1422-1866

KL/C 60/ interim list: Tolbooth deeds and papers, 1316-1860

KL/C 61: Mayoral Chronicles, 16th century

KL/C 62: Mayoral Chronicles, 17th-18th century

Interim lists: Miscellaneous and working papers, 14th-19th centuries, including some historical manuscripts

Cathedral Officials

For the Pre-Reformation period, records of Cathedral Officials are primarily to be found in the Obedientiary rolls, records of Dependent Cells and Bailiffs' Accounts. Subsequently, the main records are the Appointments recorded in the Chapter Act Books and the payment of salaries recorded in the Treasurer's Rolls and Audit Books.

By charter of 2 May 1538, Henry VIII created the Dean and Chapter, comprising six Prebends: the nomination to these offices was reserved to the Crown, exercised by the Lord Chancellor. By the Cathedral Act of 3 and 4 Victoria c.113 [11 August 1840] all residentiary members of the Chapter, except the Dean, were styled Canons: at the time, the Second and Third Canons were suspended, so that after that date there are only four Canons. By letters patent of Queen Anne dated 26 April 1714, the First Prebend that fell vacant was to be annexed forever to the Mastership of St Catherine's College, Cambridge. The first to fall vacant was the Fourth Prebend in 1719 and this was annexed accordingly. This arrangement continued until 1927.

The Chapter

The Dean and Chapter was founded by Henry VIII in 1538 and refounded by Edward VI in 1547. The earliest surviving Chapter Act Book begins in 1566 and the series is complete from that date (there was no chapter between 1649 and 1660). Supporting Chapter papers and Chapter Clerk's papers survive from the eighteenth century.
At times, books have also been kept containing a more detailed record of Chapter business than is recorded in the Act Books:
1694-1724, in Dean Prideaux's diaries [DCN 115/1-3]
1829-1866, in Dean Pellew's diaries [DCN 120/1-7]
1870-1884, in the Private Registers [DCN 27/3-4]
1886-1889, in Dean Goulburn's notebooks [DCN 121/5-8]
Listed as follows:
DCN 24 Chapter Books
DCN 25 Chapter Papers
DCN 26 Chapter Clerk's Papers
DCN 27 Private Registers
DCN 28 The Statutes
DCN 29 Libri Miscellaneorum

Documents of Title

The earliest surviving records of Norwich Cathedral are royal, episcopal and private grants to the Priory from the time of its establishment in Norwich in c 1095, with one royal charter addressed to the Bishop of Thetford predating the move. The medieval arrangement of these documents is shown in the inventory of muniments [DCN 40/12] and by pressmarks on the documents themselves:
A-B Royal grants issued to the Priory
C Royal grants pertaining to the Bishopric
D-F Episcopal charters.
G Final concords.
J-Z Private grants arranged topographically and by Official.

The possessions of the Infirmarer, Pitancer and Hostilar are included under the villages in which they also had estates. The inventory does not include records of the possessions of the Almoner, Chamberlain or Refectorer nor of the Dependent Cells. Papal Bulls and the Acta of Archbishops are also omitted, although Papal Mandates for particular churches are included as title for those churches.
A large number of grants are transcribed into cartularies (known usually as registers), normally without witness or dating clauses. There is no overall cartulary for the Priory, but there are cartularies for the larger departments: Master of the Cellar, Almoner, Cellarer, Chamberlain and Sacrist.

Listed as follows:

DCN 40 Registers, Cartularies, Inventories of Muniments (including St Benet's Cartulary)
DCN 41 Royal Charters
DCN 42/1 Archiepiscopal
DCN 42/2 Papal
DCN 43 Episcopal
DCN 44 Private Grants, etc.: Norfolk And Out County
DCN 45 Private Grants, etc.: Norwich City
DCN 46 East Anglian Religious Houses


Leases, rentals and surveys, and other papers. Listed as follows:
DCN 47 Ledger Books (i.e., Lease Registers)
DCN 47A General Leases of Dean Gardiner
DCN 48 Original Leases: Norwich City
DCN 49 Original Leases: Norfolk and Out-County
DCN 50 Tithe Rent Charge Papers
DCN 51 Rentals and Surveys not bound into volumes
DCN 52 Rentals and Surveys in volume form
DCN 53 Inclosure Papers
DCN 54 Nar Valley Drainage
DCN 55 Lynn And Fakenham Railway
DCN 56 Dilapidations: Houses In The Close
DCN 56A Dilapidations: Canonry Houses
DCN 57 Estate Papers: The Precinct
DCN 58 Estate Papers: Norwich City Estates
DCN 59 Estate Papers: County And Out County

Manorial Records

DCN 60 Manor Court Rolls and Bailiff's Account Rolls boxed by Manor
DCN 61 Court and Account Rolls not boxed by Manor
DCN 61A Miscellaneous Items relating to Courts
DCN 62 Grouped Manor Accounts
DCN 63 Grouped Manor Court Books, including Bromholme Priory
DCN 64 Sheep Accounts
DCN 65 Stewards' Manorial Accounts
DCN 66 Profits of Manors and Estimations of Granges

Peculiar Administration

Dean and Chapter Peculiar administration extended over the parishes of Arminghall, West Beckham, Catton, Hindolveston, Martham, Norwich St Mary in the Marsh (which included the Cathedral Precinct), Norwich St Helen, Norwich St James Pockthorpe, Norwich St Paul, Eaton, Lakenham, Great Plumstead, Sedgeford, Sprowston and Trowse and before the reformation only of Hindringham, Scratby, Taverham and Winterton.

The Peculiar was exempt from the Archdeacons' jurisdiction, but not from that of the Bishop.

Many records of the Dean and Chapter Peculiar administration passed to diocesan officials as a result of administrative changes after 1812, and are now listed with the main series of diocesan records held by the Norfolk Record Office.

Visitations within the Dean and Chapter Peculiar are recorded in the Norwich Archdeaconry series for the period 1545-1583.

The records of the Peculiar Administration are listed as follows:

DCN 67 Acta and Comperta Rolls
DCN 68 Marriage Licence Bonds
DCN 69 Registered Copies of Wills
DCN 70 Original Wills
DCN 71 Administration Act Books
DCN 72 Administration Bonds
DCN 73 Probate Inventories
DCN 74 Coroners Inquests
DCN 75 Penances and Retractions
DCN 76 Visitation Papers
DCN 77 Administrative and General Papers
DCN 77A Papers re Parish Boundaries in Norwich
DCN 78 Obligations

Peculiar of the Dean and Chapter of Norwich; 1291-1857

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