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Great Yarmouth Deeds

  • ACC 2021/118
  • Temporary
  • 1684-1970's

Deeds for properties in Great Yarmouth. Also includes wills, mortgages and sales posters. Also includes a stray indenture.

Box 1
121 King Street - over 50 documents including deeds and mortgages from 1870s.
132 King Street - wide range of documents including death certificate and will from first half of C20th, papers from 1970s, mortgage documents as well as early deeds and documents.

Box 2
49 Deneside - 30 documents. 1775 -1911
King Street - 16 documents and will of T.J. Bachelor. 1814-1871

Box 3
39 Deneside - 16 documents plus three letters. 1783-1899
39 King Street - 16 documents. 1676-1873. 39, 40 King Street were merged with 45 at some point.
41 King Street and 46 Deneside - 9 documents plus a letter. 1868-1920
135 King Street - 32 documents to 1978, plus 2002 Land Registry title plan.

Box 4
39 King Street (and 45? Deneside)
47 Deneside - 16 documents. 1748-1938

Box 5
45 Deneside - Gas company. 21 documents including sales posters. 1800-1922. Merged with 39, 40 King street.
48 Deneside - 15 documents. 1748-1913

Howkins family; 1780-2018; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Title deeds, estate papers re Hempnall and Swardeston Estates

Includes a copy of the Hempnall Inclosure Act and extracts, 1817-1818; leases re Swardeston estate, 1742 with glebe terrier, 1820; a bundle of leases, agreements for hire and sale particulars for estates in East Carleton, Mulbarton and Hethel, 1880s-c 1905; and abstracts of title of Sir Thomas Beevor to estates in Hethel, c 1828.

Deeds relating to John Steward's title to and estate records of Saxlingham estates purchased from the Sayer-Warmoll family

Includes a C19th copy of J Chasteny's map, dated 1752, of Anthony Sayer's estate in Saxlingham; Isaac Lenny's plan of the Revd Warmoll's estate in Saxlingham, Aug 1829; bundle of deeds and abstracts of title re the Saxlingham estate of John Steward Esq. mortgaged to trustees of the marriage settlement of Mr/Mrs Hordern, with an office copy will of Mr Anthony Sayer. proved (PCC) Aug 1772, abstract of title of John Sayer Warmoll to estates in Saxlingham Nethergate and adjacent parishes, extracted Saxlingham, Shotesham and Hempnall parish register entries relating to the baptisms, marriages and burials of the Sayer and Warmoll families, inc. that of the burial of surgeon, John Sayer Warmoll of Shotesham who died in 1811 from 'Consumption', 1780-1830.

Manorial records and title deeds re Swardeston Rectory and Manor of Mulbarton

Bundle of John Steward and John Henry Steward's records re various manors, including a copy of the Swardeston inclosure award, 1786, Manor of Mulbarton C19th copy of 1712 licence to plant trees on Mulbarton Common, papers re an encroachment on Swardeston Common, 1835, quit-rentals and account of fees re the manors of Mulbarton and of Saxlingham Nethergate, Verdons and Thorpe Hall, 1830, 1845-1858, sale particulars, Swardeston property, 1833, papers re an assault on James Cannell on Swardeston Common 1833, papers re Philip Candler's estate and case papers re copyholds with John Henry Steward's correspondence re manors, 1786-1858; bundle of deeds and abstracts of title, John Kemp to John Steward re the rectory of Swardeston, including an abstract (1670-1815) with a parchment cover, reused from part of a court roll of the Manor of Gunviles in Wymondham, entries June-Aug 1666, 1800-1822.

Copy deeds, abstracts of title and estate papers re the East Carleton (ex Dod's) and Bracon Ash (ex- Berney) Estates

Includes: Bundle of copy deeds and abstracts of title to the Bracon Ash estate, Berney to Steward, 1827-1835; abstracts of title and estate papers re the East Carleton estate (late Dod's) 1800-1859 with plan and reference of the Stanfield Hall estate, surveyed 1837, and sale particulars for property in East Carleton and Mulbarton, with plan, 1855-1859; papers re the parish boundaries between East Carleton, Hethel, Bracon Ash and Mulbarton 1825-1838; book of reference of a survey of the parish of Hethel, 1838 with enclosed, a plan of Hethel Glebe Farm, 1841; and extracts of court rolls from the manors of Gowthorpe and of Mulbarton, 1896.
Box also includes the lease and release of an estate in Saxlingham for suffering a recovery to uses for the benefit of the reversions of John Henry Steward, clerk, dated 12/13 Nov 1830, both parchment deeds very rotted and to be returned to the depositor.

Title deeds and estate record re East Carleton manor estate (ex-Dod's) and re cottages in Hethel with sale particulars for various properties in East Carleton, Saxlingham, Hethel and elsewhere

Includes Copies of court roll and quit-rentals (East Carleton with Heatheld and East Carleton nuper Townshends), 1875-1887; extract of the will of Acourt Dod Esq. of East Carleton, leaving the Carleton Manor estate to his son, James Acourt Dod, 1782 with deeds (1689-1793), Braithwayt to James Acourt, 1735; Saxlingham tithe rent charge apportionment, nd [c1840] with a cover labelled, 'Gallow half-year window tax duplicate assessment, 1777', but with a paper pasted over the actual text of the assessment; plan by William Drane of Norwich, showing proposed glebe (but not carried out), nd [c 1850]; book of reference to Drane's survey of East Carleton, 1850; bundle of deeds (several UFP) re seven cottages at Hethel (ex-Middleton and wife, Bridgit, 1824-1830); and bundle of printed sale particulars for estates in Saxlingham, Swardeston, Hethel and East Carleton 1823-1835, inc. one for Swainsthorpe Manor, Hall and Farm with plan 1827.

Deeds relating to Ingham, Aylsham and Mundesley

  • ACC 2021/198
  • Temporary
  • 1712-1900

Deeds relating to Ingham New Hall and the Grange 1782-1855; 'The Winding Piece' (copyhold of the manor of Ingham) 1802-1867; Aylsham watermills 1791-1855; and miscellaneous deeds 1712-1900. Includes detailed list supplied by depositor.

William Forster; 1827-1906; solicitor; Aylsham, Norfolk

Records of the Farrow and Powell families

  • ACC 2021/224
  • Temporary
  • 1687-1880

Title deeds, abstracts, manorial admissions etc.

Powell family; fl 1395-1891; Mundham, Norfolk

Papers relating to Castle Acre, Norfolk

  • ACC 2021/227
  • Temporary
  • 1923-1958

Handwritten notes by Francis G. Highe 'Some curious customs connected with churches and churchyards'nd [? 1924] (1 file). Photocopies of deeds re house and butcher's shop in Bailey Street, Castle Acre, originals (includes abstracts of title, one party in the 1929 deed is Gertrude Highe) 1923-1931, and the Red Lion, Castle Acre, with adjoining house and shop, 1958, with abstract of title 1935. Photocopies undated [late 20th century].
'Castleacre Pageant July 1927' (printed).

Mary-Anne Garry; fl 1980s-; Castle Acre, Norfolk

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