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Miscellaneous and unsorted papers

The records are not yet catalogued in detail, but can be requested by their accession and box numbers, as follows:

ACC 2011/327, Box 20
Posters: notices of various public announcements and events, 1887-1919

ACC 2011/327, Box 21
Dereham Bowling club c. 1884
Mount Pleasant, n.d.
Assorted scenes in Dereham, mainly 2002
View of Hill House (b/w), early 20th-century, possibly a copy
Grave of George Borrow, n.d.
Collection of photographs relating to East Dereham Fire Brigade, 1927-1953 (see separate list)
Photographs and press cuttings relating to the fire at the old Gilbert Rice building, 2003
Black and white postcard of the King's Arms hotel, n.d.
Photographs (copies) of the Beckett family, c. 1945
Visit of 'the Black Prince' and Dereham dignitaries to the Maltings, c. 1900
Three envelopes of photographs relating to building work at the Guildhall, 1980-82

ACC 2011/327, Boxes 16 and 17
Deeds, 1764-1901
Extract from enclosure award, 1815

ACC 2011/327, Box 19
School Youth Festival programme, n.d.
Advert for the Public Baths (laminated), n.d.
Press cuttings on sports clubs, 1921-2003
Letters about plans to demolish Becclesgate House, from Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society, Ancient Monuments Society, Ministry of Works and the Council for the Preservation of Rural England, 1961
Typescript history of Cowper Lodge, c. 2002
Sale particulars for Hill House, 2000
Notes on Hill House, 1994
Booklet titled The Smiths of Ryburgh by Betty Wharton
Tabulated list of East Dereham Charities, 1877

ACC 2011/327, Box 7
'Needy Persons' records, 1949-60

ACC 2011/327, Box 22
News cuttings book, 1945-64
Typescript History of the Maid's Head Hotel, nd
Certificates received by the English Folk Dance Society, East Dereham Branch (also called Dereham Folk Dance Society) 1927-37
Page from the London Illustrated News featuring the Corn Hall, East Dereham, 1857

ACC 2011/327, Box 8 (part)
RedBook of drawings relating to the Foundry, Dereham, 1955

ACC 2012/46, Box 1 (part)
Collection relating to the John Craske exhibition, including photographs, 1992-93.
Election leaflets and newsletters for local and European elections, 1990s.

ACC 2012/46, Box 2
Sales catalogues and photographs in East Dereham and prospectus for the Norfolk County School in North Elmham, c. 1890, and a copy of a photograph showing its later use as Watts Military Training School, n.d.

Letter to Dr T.H. Swales at the Jolly Farmer from Norfolk County Council regarding demolition of the Exchange Cinema, the King's Arms and Becclesgate House, 30 July 1970.

Letter to DAS from Anglian Water re reconstruction of surface water sewers, 28 September 1987.
Local church leaflets and war memorial programmes, 1921-65.

Blastpipe, Mid-Norfolk Railway journal and associated letters re Track fund appeal, 1990-99

Sketches by Mary and Diana Girling and one sketch by J. Ladbroke, 1837-43.

Dereham directories, 1950s-1990s.

Letter to 'Dear Sister' from 'J.W.M.' Subjects include his efforts to find an apprenticeship for Jesse and John Street (probably his nephews); encouraging Samuel to read by sending him a copy of his new book, his enquiries after the health of Frank Webster and the logistics of his sister sending Frank and his wife a care parcel. J.W.M. also mentions that he will pass through Dereham in September and he is on his way to Leicester where he will look at some 'fancy hosiery' for possible sale in his sister's shop, 14 August 1833.

Letter to 'Dear Mum' from Arthur in Blackpool, (addressee is probably his mother-in-law as the letter also mentions his mum, whom he is to visit in Westcliff). He is currently on embarkation leave 'with Grace' (his wife) but he expects to go overseas to India and be made an officer, n.d.

Letter to his brother from Samuel Sheet, Yarmouth 12 March 1843, re the death of his mother and birth certificate for his son, John, 1837, with handwritten copy.

Printed sermon by Paul Amiraut, minister, East Dereham, 1648. (Taped together at spine).
Poem 'To Let' and a story relating the marriage of 'gentle Alice Hawthorn' to the 'Squire of Deerdale' and the attempts to marry off her 'haughty' sister, Hortensia. JW, 1858.

Two letters to Mrs Chapman from Anastasia leFevre to enquire is Mrs Chapman would offer her accommodation for a visit, and why she has not responded to Mr Chapman's last letter, family health, inheritance dispute over table and books, memorial window, a nice clergyman and wife n.d., nineteenth century.

Printed sermon for the funeral of Charles Goring and William Meachen, given by Revd George R. Winter, 1880.

Programmes, 1884.

ACC 2012/46, Box 3
Letterheads and programmes for local events, 1892-1977.

Dereham Operatic Society and other music groups, programmes and posters, 1950-2003.

Citizens' Guides, 1980-84.

Dereham Town Council meeting agendas, 1995-97.

Newspaper clippings on subjects relating to Dereham, 1967-96

ACC 2012/46, Box 5 and 6
A number of maps and plans, 1882-c. 2000, including elevations of the marketplace by Stewart Milner of Purcell & Johnson, chartered architects of Norwich, (originals and copies), n.d., c. 2000, LNER plans of the East Dereham railway layout, 1964 and a hand-drawn plan of St Nicholas's Churchyard by M. Cook.

Undated building control plan for privies and ash bin, c. 1900.

ACC 2012/84, Box 1 (part)
Photocopy of the History of Hobbies booklet.
Photocopy of a newspaper article commemorating the departure of Mr Skinner to South Africa.
Abridged catalogue c. 1915.
Extracts from trade directories and copy of an article from the 1917 handbook.
Hobbies Handbook magazines, 1989-2006 (some duplicated in Box 44).
Skinner family tree.
Assorted articles and photocopies, including some relating to the history of Bowman Models.
Scrapbook of news cuttings, 1921-1960 (UFP very fragile).

ACC 2012/84, Box 2
Copy of graveyard transcript of St Nicholas Church with plan.

Family tree of the Cowper-Donne families.

Photocopy of a Mattishall church book (a volume of records of a congregation of dissenters, with similar content to NRO, FC 40/2), 19th century, but including content from 1772 onwards.

Settlement on the intended marriage of Barry Girling and Miss Susan Bidwell, 1818.

ACC 2012/84, Box 4 (part)
History of Dereham Baptist Church, 2002 (typescript).

Contact church magazine 1980-85, 11 gatherings.

In Touch church magazine,1996-99, 6 gatherings.

ACC 2012/84, Box 13
Large tube containing photocopies of notices relating to local celebrations of royal events, including Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee and the coronation of Edward VII.

ACC 2012/84, Box 11
Contents of filing cabinet 1, drawer 1, part 1

Folder 1

Family trees and letters relating to genealogical enquiries. In particular, George Skipper (architect), Philo, Lindoes, Day, Wigg and Rash familes, 1984-1989.

Receipts addressed to W.J. King, from fur merchants for moleskins 1919.

Demob and copy short form birth certificate for Edward Trollope, 1916-1984.

Folder 2
D 11/1
News cuttings 1919-2001.
Written and typed histories of Dereham and notes on the town sign.
Photographs and news cuttings (mainly copies) relating to the zeppelin raid of 1915.

Photograph of Dereham Council (1937). Annotated with the names of the subjects.

Folder 3
D 21/4
Political material, including campaign leaflets and party newsletters, 1974-2008.
Town Council minutes March 1981-84 (no 1982).
Dereham Heritage Guide minutes Jan 2004.
Development guides, 1989-2001.
Notebooks containing UDC elections results, 2 volumes, 1894-1927, 1928-51.
Breckland general rates, 1980-1990

ACC 2012/84, Box 12
Contents of filing cabinet 1, drawer 1, part 2

Folder 4
D 21/3
Local consultations and plans on land use and traffic management, 1910-98
News cuttings c. 2003.

Folder 5
Material relating to Dereham marketplace, including inscriptions from the war memorial, news cuttings (1919-2008), photographs and letters.

Folder 6
Developments and improvements:
Dereham Leisure Centre
Link Road (Matsell Way)
Traffic management scheme
News cuttings and letters 1981-2003
Tourism leaflets

Folder 7
Copies of news cuttings and photographs covering the zeppelin raids of 1915.
Many laminated.

News cuttings and photographs covering the War Memorial in the marketplace. Includes a number of damaged photographs of the unveiling by Prince Henry in 1922. These are mounted on card and at some point have stuck to something on top of them, which has then been ripped off.

Various printed documents relating to the First and Second World Wars, including an aircraft identification poster (1915) and a discharge certificate for a Cpl Ernest Davis (1917). Much has no specific Dereham connection.

Also contains a (reproduction?) copy of the Daily Express, 24 April 1900.

77th and 231st Station Hospitals (Wymondham)

This section contains records relating to the 77th and 231 Station Hospitals based at Morley, near Wymondham. It includes official histories and annual reports; photographs of the hospital buildings and ward tents, staff and patients; papers relating to named individuals who either worked or were treated at the hospital; correspondence from former staff members; papers relating to staff reunions.

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Mid-Norfolk Singers (previously Elmham Choral Society)

The records are not yet catalogued in detail, but can be requested by their accession and box numbers, as follows:

ACC 2011/327, Box 9
Mid-Norfolk Singers: accounts and invoices, 1960-1973 and 1984-1988

ACC 2011/327, Box 10
Mid-Norfolk Singers: photograph album of a trip to Germany, 1986
Laminated poster of David Kett's shows as musical director, c. 2010.
Elmham Choral Society ledgers, 1946-51
Minutes, Elmham Choral Society, 1960-73, Elmham and District Choral Society, Mid-Norfolk Choral Society and Mid-Norfolk Singers, 1947-1961 (compiled 1994)

ACC 2011/327, Box 11
Mid-Norfolk singers:
Committee book, 1963-75
Accounts 1974-77
Minutes, 1975-90
AGM minutes, 1955-1982
Address book, n.d.
Membership books (with cuttings and leaflets) 1946-59, 1977-82

ACC 2012/46, Box 1 (part)

Mid-Norfolk Singers minute books, 1946-52, 1952-63, 1982-90.

ACC 2012/84, Box 12
Programmes, photographs, letters and printed history for the Mid-Norfolk Singers. 1986-2005.
Dereham biography.
List of concerts by the Elmham Choral Society, the Elmham and District Choral Society, the Mid-Norfolk Choral Society and the Mid-Norfolk Singers, (1994).

Personal papers

Includes, inter alia, diaries and address books; personal documentation; correspondence files; papers relating to St Cross, 3 Albemarle Road, Norwich, papers relating to early photography with particular reference to Thomas Damant Eaton; and family photographs.

Davenport, Bill

Research by Davenport, including copies of Individual Deceased Personnel Files (IDPFs) and his notes and correspondence, relating to S/Sgt Earl B. Holly and Walter S. Baron.
Davenport, as 446th Bomb Group historian, appears to have been researching a discrepancy in the records relating to Holly and Baron and their dates and places of death. In some of the information, Baron is listed as serving in the 446th Bomb Group, but papers copied from his Individual Deceased Personnel File (IDPF) list him as 713rd Bomb Squadron, 448th Bomb Group. In the Roll of Honor, both Baron and Holly are listed under the 446th Bomb Group.
S/Sgt Walter S. Baron is believed to have been killed in action on a mission over Landes Bussac, 31 December 1943. The IDPF papers were obtained from the Department of the Army by a Freedom of Information request.
S/Sgt Earl B. Holly served in the 705th Bomb Squadron. He is believed to have been killed in action during a mission to Ludwigshafen, 26 August 1944. The IDPF papers were obtained from the Department of the Army by a Freedom of Information request.

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