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Photocopy of an agreement between the Prior and Convent of Bromehill (in Weeting) and the Mayor, Burgesses, Tenants, Merchants and Residents of Thetford concerning the toll, stallage and picage of Bromehill Fair

With colour photographs of the seal showing the mitre (referrring to Archbishop Thomas a Becket, the priory's patron saint). Formerly in collections of Thomas Martin and Sir Thomas Phillipps. Copied 12 Dec 1994.

Photographs of a bargain and sale of timber and wood from Whitacreborowe Wood [Wheatacre Burgh Wood]

In return for £120, Katherine, Duchess of Suffolk conveys to Osbert Mounteforde and Nicholas Arrowsmythe Whitacreborowe Wood and all great trees, timber, woods, underwood, bushes and shrubs growing within the wood for 4 years, from the feast of the purification of Mary after the agreement [2 February 1548]. The terms of the agreement allow Mounteforde and Arrowsmythe to sell and carry away all the wood, great timber, underwood, shrubs and bushes in the wood, except the trees, wood, timber and underwood growing or renewing upon or about a piece of ground called the Launde or the little breche, which adjoins Whitacreborowe Wood. During the term of four years, they are not to fell or cut down any trees, timber, woods or underwoods from the beginning of June until the feast of St Michael the Archangel, nor to fell or cut down any trees, timber, woods or underwoods within the spring of Whitacreborowe Wood after the nativity of St John the Baptist. Mounteforde and Arrowsmythe are to make and keep in good repair a fence, hedge or ditch about the young spring or springs to protect them. They are to leave growing within every acre of Whitacreborowe Wood, the 'fairest and best' of hookwood and underwood, where any hookwood or underwood is renewing or growing, and that left remaining is to be 'stonders' [standers, trees left for timber], with twenty stonders per acre, which are to be the greatest of the hookwood and underwood. They are also to sell to the tenants that live within the Manor of Whitacreborowe trees, wood and underwood from the wood for repairing the tenants' houses, the tenants to pay the same as any other person would. Photographs taken c 2008.

Katherine Brandon; 1519-1580; Duchess of Suffolk

Photographs of MS inventory of the plate, jewels, vestments, bells and ornaments belonging to the various churches in the Hundreds of Blofield and Walsham

Particulars given for items sold, prices realised and purposes for which the money was used, e.g. purchase of books, repairing the church and highway. The MS formerly belonged to the antiquary Thomas Martin of Palgrave (1697-1771) and bears his ownership inscription, recording the fact that it was given to him by the Hon. Roger North of Rougham in 1728. Copied at an unknown date.

Photograph of the Yarmouth 'Hutch Map'

Purporting to show the Yarmouth region as in the year 1000. The site of Yarmouth shown as a sandbank at the head of the great river estuary stretching to Norwich and surrounding settlements and structures marked, the villages represented by churches, with some attempt at realism. Grotesque sea creatures rearing from waves. Not to scale.
Photograph taken by Gerry Yardy, photographer, of Bracondale, Norwich in 2008; laminated print made in March 2012. Size of map in photograph is approimately 56.5 cm 69.5 cm.

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