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Swaffham, Norfolk
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Swaffham Museum

  • AUD 31
  • Arquivo
  • 1953-2009

Recorded oral history interviews (audio only) which were made in 2002 and 2003, sound recording of a harvest thanksgiving service, which took place in 1953 and sound recordings and typescript summaries of oral history interviews which were created as part of the Heritage Lottery Fund project, 'Swaffham Within Living Memory, 1930-2010', which took place from 2011 to 2013.

Swaffham Museum; fl 2002-2019; Swaffham, Norfolk

Swaffham health

Description: Discussion of the potential refurbishment of Swaffham Hospital. The West Norfolk Health Authority will decide whether to build a new hospital on a greenfield site or refurbish the existing one.
Recording location: Norfolk, England, UK
Performer(s)/contributer(s): unidentified (speaker, female, presenter); Ricketts, Bob (speaker, male, interviewee, Manager of Health Authority); Rickwood, George (speaker, male, interviewee, Chairman of Hospital League of Friends); Body, Jack (speaker, male, interviewee, Mayor of Swaffham); Thinbow, Edith (speaker, female, interviewee, Secretary of Community Health Council)
Recording note(s): Recorded with the intention of being broadcast on BBC Radio Norfolk.

Swaffham hospital

Description: Trevor Austin discusses plans to expand and improve community hospital care in Swaffham. Topics include positive impacts and potential problems with the changes and public consultation.
Recording location: Norfolk, England, UK
Performer(s)/contributer(s): Austin, Trevor (speaker, male, presenter); unidentified (speaker, male, interviewee); Dawling, Dr. (speaker, male, interviewee, General Practitioner); unidentified (speaker, male, interviewee)
Recording note(s): Recorded with the intention of being broadcast on BBC Radio Norfolk.

Swaffham hosp[ital]

Description: Interview with a representative of the Local Health Authority. Topics include a proposed redevelopment of Swaffham Community Hospital and a public meeting to discuss the plans.
Recording location: Norfolk, England, UK
Performer(s)/contributer(s): unidentified (speaker, male, presenter); unidentified (speaker, male, interviewee)
Recording note(s): Recorded with the intention of being broadcast on BBC Radio Norfolk.

Mid Norfolk Methodist Circuit

Hingham Methodist Church – Property papers – 1983-2006

Rockland St Peter Methodist Church – Property papers – 1987-2003

Swaffham Methodist Church – Sale of manse – 2003-04

Swaffham Methodist Church – Sale of manse –

Great Ellingham Methodist Church – Property papers – 1994-96

Great Ellingham Methodist Church – Property papers – 1995-2006,
Quinquennial inspection reports – 1995, 2000

Great Cressingham Methodist Church – Property papers – 1995-97

Ashill Methodist Church – Quinquennial inspection report – 1994
Property papers – 1999-2003

Ashill Methodist Church – Quinquennial inspection report – 1989, 2002
Property papers – 1983-2000

Ashill Methodist Church – Property papers – 1999-2004

Wighton Methodist Church – Church notices – 1957-68

Elsing Methodist Church – Account book – 1864-1924 with bills

Interview of Michael Parfitt by Mike Coley

00:00 minutes: seconds - subjects discussed include airmen; baths; bombs; children; children's presents; cold tea; Christmas presents; Dereham; bombing of Dereham; Father Christmas; harran hold-ye [hold ye tight]; refreshments during harvesting; use of horses in harvesting; health; driving horses and carts; hygiene; illness; Home Guard; muck spreading; nineteen-forties; nineteen-thirties; bombing of Norwich; parents; Mr Parfitt, father of interviewee; presents; Santa Claus; toys; wars; World War II.

04:45 m:s - cars, police; children; reporting of crimes; policemen's duty hours; Maltons [company name]; occupations; Florrie Parfitt; police service; police transport; police uniforms; policemen; damage to telephone boxes; thefts; Fred Trudgill, foreman at aforesaid Maltons; wages.

12:55 m:s - Beachamwell Hall; blacksmiths; Billy Clements, pub landlord; Cricketers Arms Public House, Saxlingham Green; door-to-door sellers; gambling; games; grandparents; Lawrence & Scotts of Lincoln; money; Mr Parfitt, blacksmith at Beachamwell Hall; practical jokes; pub landlords; public houses; Saxlingham Green, [Saxlingham by Holt]; selling goods; threepenny bitstwizzles [game].

17:25 m:s - apples, theft of; bakers' roundsmen; bicycles; Clive Butcher; children; clergymen; damage to gates; David Holmes; nineteen-forties; nineteen-thirties; Mr Parfitt, father of interviewee; Mrs Parfitt, mother of interviewee; parsons; policemen; Jimmy Stevenson, clergyman.

20:40 m:s - Boy Scouts; church schools; Reverend Fenn; games; jokes; money; nineteen-forties; nineteen-thirties; occupations; parsons; policemen; punishments; school teachers; schools; scout funds; swearing; teachers; tracking.

25:10 m:s - Ashill; burglaries; cars; CID; crimes; criminals; Dereham; Dereham Police; Downham; Downham Police; policemen's duty hours; Feltwell; Foulden; Hockwold; Hockwold Club; Methwold; theft of money; Northwold; policemen; punishments; Swaffham Police; thefts; Peter Townsend, policeman.

30:22 m:s - accidents; 'Adder', nickname of interviewee's brother; Dr Bolam [?]; deaths; elderly people; accidents involving electric fires; grandparents; Mundford; names; 'Nibs', nickname of Reggie Spooney; nicknames; Mr Parfitt, grandfather of interviewee; Stoke Ferry.

36:31 m:s - American servicemen; Alan Botwright; cars; crimes; Elm Tree Farm, Northwold; false teeth, anecdotes; farm; houses; mail order companies; military police; nineteen-forties; Northwold; policemen; RAF Lakenheath; Red House, Northwold; Mrs Roby; wearing; thefts; video recordings; women.

Michael Parfitt; fl 2003; Dereham, Norfolk

Photographic slides of secular buildings in Norfolk of Dr Michael John Ockenden

  • MC 2896/N1-932 (cite numbers required), PH 8
  • Arquivo
  • c 1995

The slides are all numbered and labelled with a short description. They depict scenes around Norfolk, including Norwich Castle, Blickling, Holkham and Felbrigg halls, as follows:
N1-53 Norfolk houses including: Mannington Hall; Houghton Hall; Holkham Hall; Rainthorpe Hall; Raveningham Hall; and Blickling Hall.
N54-97 Not present
N98-103 Norwich scenes including the Castle and Guildhall.
N104-183 Variety of Norfolk houses including: Hoveton House; Oxburgh Hall; Blickling Hall; Felbrigg Hall and Holkham Hall.
N184-192 Not present
N193-204 Norwich, and Wymondham scenes including Bishop Bridge, Cow Tower and the Octagon Chapel.
N205-221 Not present
N222-231 Thetford scenes including the Castle and the Priory.
N232-233 Grimes Graves
N234-251 Not present
N252-275 King's Lynn including the Guildhall, Custom House, Duke's Head, King Street and Greyfriars Church.
N276-300 Castle Acre and Castle Acre Priory
N301 Attleborough
N328-9 Hingham
N343 Swaffham
N364-5 North Elmham
N464-7 Aylsham
N574 North Walsham
N632 Binham Priory
N649-650 Blakeney and Cley
N660 Great Massingham
N664-7 East Barsham and Great Snoring
N673 Little Snoring
N717-722 Castle Rising
N737-8 Creake Abbey
N792 New Buckenham
N911 North Walsham
N932 Felbrigg Hall

Michael John Ockenden; 1931-2010; teacher, author; Ormskirk, Lancashire

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