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Stray original apprenticeship indentures and related papers

Dates are 1759, 1826-1838, 1867. Many, but not all, of these indentures relate to apprenticeships financed by various charities (e.g., Alderman Anguish's Charity, Alderman King's Benefaction, Briggs' Charity, Boys' Hospital). The indentures were submitted to the Town Clerk for enrolment and were never reclaimed. They are endorsed with the date and the number of enrolment, thus (by the way) indicating that the enrolment system in the City Court continued until at least 1867. Unfortunately the post-1749 apprenticeship registers have not survived.
Also includes

Election riots and related suits

Legal suits following the election riots in 1822 for property damage. Related suits against the borough for use of funds aiding the prosecutions. Legal example cases written up for the 1815 prosecutions (KL/C 64/47) against Robinson, Wales, and Powell present in this series.

King's Lynn vs. sailors engaged in rioting and gaol breaking

Papers and legal items relating to the sailors riots over wages and unemployment. Correspondence with the Mayor and shipowners outlining their plight. Legal papers relating to stopping of the brig The Ocean from sailing. Legal papers for the assize regarding rioting and breaking into the gaol. Finally papers relating to another incident of blocking a ship, this time the Commerce, from sailing.

Two cases for stealing oysters from the King's Lynn fishery

The King Vs. MacPherson and others. Also the King Vs. Samuel Mills and John Root. Dealt as two cases with Mills and Root being from Lynn while MacPherson and the others were from elsewhere. Both heard at the 1813 Summer assizes. Prosecution briefs, draft bill of prosecution costs, affidavits and arrangement of witnesses, correspondence, court summons, and information.

Mayor and Burgess Vs. Osbert and James Denton, Carr and Turner, concerning recovery of lastage

The Denton's were citizens of London who claimed ancient charters exempted them from paying certain taxes. The case escalated into Corporation of London Vs. Corporation of Lynn in writ of theolonio essendi quietus as to the exemption from Lastage tolls.

Boxes contain - memos and correspondence; transcript and translations of charters and rights granted to both London and King's Lynn; cases with opinions of attorneys; brief of affidavits; brief for plaintiffs; copy of act of parliament; copies of lastage payments made in King's Lynn; bills and invoices from the lawyers

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