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Henry Knyvett, London and Creake, a cousin (brother of Sir Edmund Knyvett of Buckenham)

Mostly re business done for Sir Thomas and Henry's financial affairs and payment of his annuity. Refs. to suit of Sir Thomas with Henry's brother re debt, borrowing tax or subsidy book, search for a suitable foldcourse near Creake (Crab's Castle is suggested), rumour that Dr Meye was made bishop, transport of corn to Sir Thomas at Cambridge, Henry's lack of 'favor counsell or cowmforte' except from his cousin Thomas Fermor. Some undated.

Henry Knyvett, London (d 1603), brother.

Henry was apparently in the household of the Chancellor, Sir Thomas Bromley, till his death in 1587. The letters contain much court, national, and foreign news, inc. treason trials and other causes celebres, refs. to the exploits of Sir Francis Drake, Spanish invasion scares and anti-papist sentiment. There is a detailed description of the visit of the Polish lord, Albertus Alasco, to Queen Elizabeth in 1583, and refs. to the committing of the Countess of Derby for sorcery, 1579, Mary Queen of Scots, the muster at Greenwich, 1585, bankruptcy of the London Turkish merchants, 1595, Essex's execution. Also re lawsuits of Sir Thomas Knyvett involving the Flowerdews, re foldcourse at Colkirk, and with tenants (?at Wymondham) and numerous other of Sir Thomas's concerns inc. purchase of books (e.g. Hesiod, Matthew Paris, Stephenus 'de Urbibus') and purchase of antique medals and cameos. Also Sir Thomas Knyvett's appointment as deputy lieutenant, 1584, and subsequent dispute and disputed Norfolk election of 1586 and other parliament business, Henry Knyvett's appointment to a receivership in Norfolk, Sir Thomas Parry's projected missions to Scotland and France, Henry Knyvett's journey to Ireland with (?)Essex and to Calais, 1600, and (after 1599) his lack of fortune and attempts to secure a military command. Also advice in 1601 to Sir Thomas to smoke for health reasons. The letters include much on the workings of the central courts. 1579-1580, 1583-1589, 1592-1596, 1599-1602.

Henry Knyvett (d 1603, brother of Sir Thomas), London.

Sir Thomas Knyvett's lawsuits and other concerns inc. purchase of the Parry estate and sale of North Creake manor. Inc. refs. to plague in Norwich and London, death of Henry's patron, Sir Francis Drake's attack on Spain, 1587, and other public news, death of Henry's wife and care of his crippled son Mun. Reply noted on one letter and on another draft letter to Mr Hooper re hiring a house, (?) 1585-1602 and undated.

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