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Radio Norfolk-Editors

  • ACC 2016/266
  • Temporary
  • 1980-2016

Oral history interviews with the first four editors of BBC Radio Norfolk: Mike Chaney 1980-82, Keith Salmon 1982-95, Tim Bishop 1995-98, and David Claxton 1998-2016. Created as a personal project by an employee of Radio Norfolk.

BBC Radio Norfolk; 1980-; Norfolk

BBC Radio Norfolk sound recordings additional

  • ACC 2017/204
  • Temporary
  • 1990s

[Created by West Norfolk correspondent.] Includes recordings relating to death of Princess Diana.

BBC Radio Norfolk; 1980-; Norfolk

Aylsham Town Council Archive oral history recordings (additional)

  • ACC 2019/257
  • Temporary
  • c 1993-c 2001

1) Molly Long (nee West, born Hungate Street) and Tom West (born 1920) speaking about their father William West and his work on Norfolk railways. Unidentified female interviewer. Undated.
2) Elizabeth Gale, Radio Norfolk interview by Steve Lee/Leigh, re floods at Mash Row, Aylsham. Undated.
3) East Anglian Times, May 1999. Published recording.
4) Aylsham Local History Society, interviews on BBC Radio Norfolk. Peter holman, Geoff Gale and Tom Mollard interviewed by Keith Skipper on the ALHS 10th anniversary celebrations due on 2nd July 1994 (interviewed on 20 June 1994). Elizabeth Gale interviewed by Maggie Secker on the publication of her book, 'Aylsham Inns and Public Houses - a history). Interviewed 10 June 2001.
5) Aylsham Local History Society interviews. Jane Nolan, Peter Holman and Tom Mollard interviewed by Keith Skipper on the publication of 'Millgate'. 20 Sep 1993. Sylvia Keeler, Mo Reynolds, Ron Peabody, Tom Mollard and Paul Foster interviewed on publication of 'Aylsham Remembered', 22 May 1995. Dr Julian Eve interviewed by Keith Skipper on 7 July 1995 on 'History of Horsham St Faith, 'The Poor in Aylsham' and 'A Backwards Glance.'

BBC Radio Norfolk; 1980-; Norfolk

BBC Radio Norfolk 40th anniversary material

  • ACC 2021/204
  • Temporary
  • Feb 2020-Dec 2020

Raw recordings, completed programmes and items, news clips and online and newspaper material, relating to the 40th anniversary of BBC Radio Norfolk, which took place on the 11th September 2020.

BBC Radio Norfolk; 1980-; Norfolk

Tapes and reels of BBC Radio Norfolk

  • ACC 2022/23
  • Temporary
  • 1980-2022

4 boxes of reel to reel tape. Records of stories from across the county. Includes the "Book Hunt" recordings, finding rare books to replace those lost in the aftermath of the Norwich library fire.

BBC Radio Norfolk; 1980-; Norfolk

BBC Radio Norfolk tapes and cues

  • ACC 2022/32
  • Temporary
  • 1990-2005

Tapes of news reports, raw interviews and cues of Julian Sturdy and Trevor Austin. Cues may relate to earlier deposit (ACC 2022/23)

BBC Radio Norfolk; 1980-; Norfolk

BBC Radio Norfolk

  • AUD 1
  • Fonds
  • 1980-2002

The archive contains both textual records and broadcast material. The latter includes both recordings off transmission of whole programmes; excerpts, including news items; and jingles. Cataloguing is ongoing. As distinguishable series within the archive are listed they will be added to this catalogue and the list of contents below. This catalogue should not be seen as describing the whole collection. Those interested in BBC Radio Norfolk's archive should contact the Norfolk Sound Archive at the Norfolk Record Office (e-mail

AUD 1/1 Subject files, 92 boxes of textual records, 23 reels of quarter inch audio tape, 1980-2002

BBC Radio Norfolk; 1980-; Norfolk

BBC Radio Norfolk - Interim List

  • SAC 2003/3
  • Fonds
  • early 1980s-late 1990s

This is an interim description of the accession. For this reason it may contain inaccuracies. Once the collection has been fully listed, a catalogue will replace this interim list and will provide final reference numbers for the collection. The accession contains recordings of BBC Radio Norfolk programmes, subject files, diaries, alphabetical indexes to BBC sound archive catalogues and papers relating to programmes.

If recordings off transmission were not made at the time of broadcast, but it was decided by BBC staff to keep a programme for permanent preservation, then the logging recording would be copied on to quarter inch audio tape. Because the logging copy needed to be retained for 40 days for legal reasons, the recording would often be of poor quality in an effort to save space. During the mid-1990s, the station's output was logged on to VHS tape at slow speeds. Because of this, the sound quality of some recordings can be poor.

BBC Radio Norfolk; 1980-; Norfolk