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Part two: 44th Bomb Group, 93rd Bomb Group, 389th Bomb Group and 392nd Bomb Group

43) 392nd Bomb Group: fragmentation bombs being loaded, 6 June 1944.
44) 44th Bomb Group: Pete Henry, 68th Bomb Squadron, March/April 1943 (2 photographs).
45) 445th Bomb Group: aircraft, base scene (2 photographs).
46) 448th Bomb Group: aircraft 'Vadie Ray' (2 photographs).
47) 445th Bomb Group aircraft.
48) 93rd Bomb Group aircraft 'Shoot Luke' being loaded with bombs for its 28th mission, April 1943.
49) 93rd Bomb Group aircraft over Bourges.
50) 389th Bomb Group (567th Bomb Squadron) B-24D.
51) 389th Bomb Group aircraft.
52) 44th Bomb Group aircraft 'Buzzin Bear'.
53) 93rd Bomb Group aircraft.
54) 44th Bomb Group: aircraft including 'Henry' (2 photographs).
55) 44th Bomb Group briefing room or theatre.
56) 44th Bomb Group aircraft over Kiel, Germany, 14 May 1943.
57) 445th Bomb Group 'Chow Call'.
58) 448th Bomb Group aircraft 'Vadie Ray'.
59) 448th Bomb Group personnel (3 photographs).
60) 448th Bomb Group crew no. 64 receiving Air Medal, February 1944.
61) 448th Bomb Group aircraft 'Ronnie', cashier's office, presentation (3 photographs).
62) 392nd Bomb Group, 579th Bomb Squadron, combat crew officers, 11 October 1943, and aircraft (3 photographs).
63) 389th Bomb Group aircraft.
64) 389th Bomb Group personnel (including Jack Cox and Russ D. Hayes).

USAAF, 44th Bombardment Group; 1941-1945; Shipdham, Norfolk

Duffield, Denis

Photograph collection, marked 'album four' containing laser copies of a crew photograph (crew no. 12, 788th Bomb Squadron, 467th Bomb Group), Lt Ernest J. Haar's crew with the B-24 'Umbriago'. Other identifiable aircraft shown (focusing on nose art) are: 44th Bomb Group: 'Shack Rabbit'; 93rd Bomb Group: 'Victory Belle', 'Joisey Bounce' and 'Tarfu II'; 446th Bomb Group: 'Oklahoma Gal'; 448th Bomb Group: 'Reddy Teddy'; 453rd Bomb Group: 'Shack Rabbit' and 'Corky'; 458th Bomb Group: 'Lassie Come Home' and 'The Shack'; 466th Bomb Group: 'Lady Lightning', 'Hot Box', 'Slick Chick', 'Available Jones' and 'Pistol Packin Mama'; 467th Bomb Group: 'Devil's Hostess', 'Tangerine', 'The Thunder Mug', 'Tail Wind', 'Homeward Bound', 'Shoo Shoo Baby', 'Palace Meat Market' and 'Belle of the East'; 491st Bomb Group: 'Little Beaver', 'Green Hornet', 'Johnny Come Lately' and 'Flying Jackass'. Also includes laser copies of photographs of Lt Col Charles Halbert (492nd Bomb Group) and the B-24 'Diamond Lil', 1984.

USAAF, 93rd Bombardment Group; 1942-1952; Hardwick, Norfolk

448th Bomb Group (Seething)

This section contains records relating to the personnel and activities of the 448th Bomb Group, its associated Bomb Squadrons and ground crew of the airbase at Seething. It contains both original records and copies including official orders, crew lists, mission lists, mission diaries, memoirs, published articles, maps and news cuttings. Also contains correspondence, photographs and memorabilia.

USAAF, 448th Bombardment Group; 1943-1946; Seething, Norfolk