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Knyvett-Wilson Family Collection

  • KNY
  • Fonds
  • 13th century-19th century

Title Deeds, Norfolk KNY 1-28
Berkshire KNY 29-31
Cambridgeshire KNY 32-34
Leicestershire KNY 35-400
London KNY 401-405
Northamptonshire KNY 406
Rutland KNY 407
Suffolk KNY 408-423
Wiltshire KNY 424, 425
Knyvett Family and Personal KNY 426-531
Wilson Family and Personal KNY 532-559
Knyvett Estate and Household KNY 560-572
Wilson Estate and Household KNY 573-585
Manorial KNY 586-589
Knyvett Correspondence KNY 590-811
Le Neve Correspondence KNY 831-927
Gawdy Papers KNY 928-938
Miscellaneous KNY 938-950

The Knyvett-Wilson Collection includes the archives of two families, the Knyvetts of Ashwellthorpe in Norfolk and the Wilsons of Didlington in Norfolk and Keythorpe, Alexton, and elsewhere in Leicestershire. The estates were united on the death in 1743 of Katherine, Baroness Berners, daughter of Sir John Knyvett, as a result of the marriage in 1720 of her kinswoman Elizabeth Knyvett of Ashwellthorpe and Henry Wilson of Didlington. The Knyvett papers had before this date passed into the hands of a kinsman Peter Le Neve (1661-1729), the herald and antiquary. He obviously then incorporated them into his own collections, adding a quantity of genealogical material (KNY 831-876). He also added Knyvett letters from the Gawdy Papers (KNY 928-938), and from his own personal papers (KNY 887-927). Papers of Lord Knyvett of Escrick (KNY 473-475, 482, 785-798) and of the senior branch of the family, the Knyvetts of Buckenham Castle (KNY 12-14, 429-30, 433-4, 445, 560, 812-815), may also have been added by him though some may have passed in the normal course of family business to the Ashwellthorpe Knyvetts. The papers were returned with his own additions to the family by Le Neve, perhaps for use as evidence in Lady Berners' successful peerage claim in 1720, with which he was concerned (see KNY 888-889) Other papers he retained and they were dispersed after his death; some, for example, he filed among the topographical collection known as the Frere MSS, now deposited in the Norfolk Record Office by the Norfolk Archaeological Society, and others are in the British Museum.
This collection comprises part only of the archives of the late Lord Berners. The residue relating to the Tyrwhit-Jones family of Shropshire was deposited in the Salop County Record Office.

Knyvett family; 13th century-20th century; Ashwellthorpe, Norfolk

Documents relating to John Knyvett of Bracondale, Norwich

  • MC 3426, 1069X5
  • Fonds
  • 1700-1801

MC 3426/1 Bond for payment of £40, John Knyvett of Bracondale to John Fowler of Kirtley, Suffolk, 26 Jan 1700
MC 3426/2 Bond to perform covenants, John Knyvett of Bracondale to John Pitts of Norwich, 12 Nov 1703
MC 3426/3 Bond to perform covenants, John Knyvett esq. of Bracondale to Maurice Kendall esq. of North Walsham, 4 Jul 1704
MC 3426/4 Articles of agreement between Col John Knyvett and Joseph Barber to perform covenants: sale by Knyvett of estate in Muttford, Suffolk, 1 Jun 1705
MC 3426/5 Letter from John Knyvett, Bracondale, to John Farr, attorney at law, Breckles: the estate in question was willed to his grandfather by the latter's aunt Lady Muriel Bell, daughter of Sir Tomas Knyvett of Ashwellthorpe, 20 Jun 1705
MC 3426/6 Bond to perform covenants in an indenture of release, John Knyvett of Bracondale to Joseph Barber of Weston, Suffolk, yeoman, 21 Jun 1705
MC 3426/7 Bookplate: engraving of Norwich Cathedral, 1801.

Knyvett family; 13th century-20th century; Ashwellthorpe, Norfolk